RX-301, Prescribed Fire Implementation, 2009

Decorative banner: Three photos of wildland fire burn operations. Firefighter walking along with drip torch igniting grasses, group of seven plus firefighters listening to instructions, two firefighters listen to crew boss while fire burns in background.

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Minimum Instructor Qualifications

Lead and unit instructors must be qualified as Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Type 2 (RXB2).

See Instructor Standards Section for more information.

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Course Components:

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RX-301 Instructor Guide
Instructor Guide
RX-301 CD-ROM Course Materials
CD Rom
RX-301 Student Workbook
Student Workbook


Due to an update in the BehavePlus software, the inputs and outputs for the BehavePlus exercise found on page 3 of 13 through page 5 of 13 of the pre-course work document and the subsequent solution found in the pre-course work answer key on page 3 of 18 through page 8 of 18 are not correct. This will affect information found in the instructor guide on page 1.7 – 1.12 and PowerPoint slides 01-14-RX301-PPT thru 01-24-RX301-PPT.

To ensure the students and instructors come to the same solution it is suggested that instructors complete the exercise using the most recent release of BehavePlus prior to instructing unit 1. In lieu of using the slides 14 – 24 of the current PowerPoint presentation it is suggested the instructor display the Behave program and demonstrate the solution to the students in the actual software.

Bark thickness has been added to the input section of the BehaverPlus exercise. BehavePlus 5.0.5 calculates morality based on dbh. 16" dbh equates to 1" bark thickness in BehavePlus 5.0.5.

The NWCG Risk and Complexity Assessment (RCA) replaced the NWCG Complexity Analysis and NWCG Organizational Needs Assessment in January, 2014. The following table illustrates the changes to this course. The RCA is available for download at: https://www.nwcg.gov/publications/210.
Table showing changes to RX-301 course.

Applies to 2009 Version.



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