S-130, Firefighter Training, 2020

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S-130 Firefighter Training - Field Review

S-130, Firefighter Training, has been revised and is currently in field review. Field review generates valuable feedback from actual course deliveries and is a critical step in the course development process.

While in field review status, this course is considered provisionally certified for interagency use. Course delivery is fully creditable and successful students may be issued the NWCG Training Course Completion Certificate, PMS 921-1.

NWCG requests that units delivering this course assist with the review by completing the field review form.

These materials are for instructor-led (classroom) delivery.

Click the individual links to download material or download all materials in one zip file (note zip file is 759 MB).


Unit/TopicPresentationsInstructional Aids
Slide 1 of Unit 17 of S-130 Firefighter Training.

Welcome Presentation

Intro:  FireFighter Training


Slide 1 of Unit 1 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 1: Briefings
Slide 1 of Unit 2 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 2: Demands of the Position
Slide 1 of Unit 3 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 3: Personal Equipment
Slide 1 of Unit 4 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 4: Resources and Organization
Slide 1 of Unit 5 of S-130 Firefighter Training.

Unit 5: Risk Management


Slide 1 of Unit 6 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 6: Case Study
Slide 1 of Unit 7 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 7: Suppression
Slide 1 of Unit 8 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 8:  Tools and Equipment
Slide 1 of Unit 9 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 9:  Handline Techniques
Slide 1 of Unit 10 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 10: Water Use
Slide 1 of Unit 11 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 11:  Firing Devices
Slide 1 of Unit 12 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 12:  Mop-Up
Slide 1 of Unit 13 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 13:  Wildland Urban Interface
Slide 1 of Unit 14 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 14:  Hazards in the Fire Environment
Slide 1 of Unit 15 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 15: Radio Communications
Slide 1 of Unit 16 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 16:  Fire Shelters
Slide 1 of Unit 17 of S-130 Firefighter Training.Unit 17: Case Study
Slide 1 of Unit 18 of S-130 Firefighter Training.No presentation

Please remember to assist with the field review by filling out the S-130 Field Review Form.


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