S-244, Field Observer, 2007

Decorative banner: Three photos of wildland fire activities. A large fire burns in a timbered valley throwing heavy smoke plumes. Three firefighters stand in a group reviewing a paper while leaning on tools. Two firefighters observe fire burning through trees and heavy underbrush as it travels up a slope.

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S-244 Instructor Guide
Instructor Guide
S-244 CD-ROM Course Materials
CD Rom
S-244 Student Workbook
Student Workbook


S-244, Field Observer was revised in 2007; the position task books (PTB) for FOBS and FEMO were modified and combined in 2009. In an effort to capture information found in the revised PTB, the Fire Use Subcommittee (FUSC) has developed optional instructional materials that may be added to currently available course materials. The optional materials are available to be used as instructor-led materials or may be used as self-study materials. The materials are available on the web at https://www.frames.gov/partner-sites/niftt/training/nwcg-training-courses and include a sample modified agenda. If used, the material will add approximately 4 hours to the instructor-led course but will not exceed 24 hours to complete the course.

The intent of these optional materials is to supplement the existing course not replace it, it is important that the currently approved S-244 objectives be met in order to receive an NWCG certificate.

Applies to 2007 Version.


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