S-260 Interagency Incident Business Management, 2014

S-260 Decorative banner. Group of photos depicting wildland firefighters performing various duties.

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Instructor Information

Preparation for Instructor-Led Delivery Options

1. Instructor-Facilitated using the online course

Students will register for Online Delivery to access the course material. The final exam is included in the online course. Be aware of the Workstation Requirements on that page and ensure that all computers that will be used in the class meet these requirements. It may be advisable to have students register for a NFA online account before arriving at class.

2. Instructor-Led using geographic area developed curriculum

All deliveries will meet the S-260 Course Learning Objectives. A handout of these objectives may be valuable for students.

Outlines from the Online Delivered course for each of the modules in the Course Learning Objectives are available on the Course Materials sub-page. It may be advisable for instructors to review the Online Delivery of these modules.

If Geographic Area cadre develop content that would be appropriate to include on this site, please contact blm_fa_nwcg_training@blm.gov for posting.

Classroom Material and References

There is no set standard for classroom material. Consider having the NWCG Standards for Interagency Incident Business Management, PMS 902, available for each student.

General Information

The Course Coordinator’s Guide, PMS 907, and Field Managers Course Guide, PMS 901-1, contain general information for presentation of NWCG courses. The course coordinator and instructors should be thoroughly familiar with these guides. See also the Training Course Catalog section on instructor information.

Student Assessment

Exercises and Quizzes

Exercises and quizzes (called Knowledge Checks in the Online Delivery) are designed to demonstrate students’ ability to meet lesson objectives. They are not graded but should be discussed upon completion by the entire class.

Final Examination

  • Every delivery of S-260 will use the final exam questions from the online course.
  • Contact your course coordinator or email blm_fa_nwcg_training@blm.gov for access to the final exam and answer key.


Student Evaluations

The Student Training Course Evaluation Form allows the students an opportunity to comment on the course and the instructors for the purpose of improving future training sessions.

Training Evaluations

Lead instructors should review the following items after course completion: course content, pre-course work, visual aids, delivery methods, course prerequisites, and testing procedures. The lead instructor and/or course coordinator should document problems or recommendations regarding the content of the NWCG course on the Training Course Evaluation form . A file for course recommendations is maintained by the NWCG Evaluation Unit for future revisions to each course. Please submit recommendations to: NWCG Evaluation Unit: blm_fa_nwcg_training@blm.gov



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