S-273, Single Engine Airtanker Manager, 2011

Decorative banner: Three photos of single engine airtanker (SEAT) aircraft. SEAT dropping retardant, SEAT sitting in front of flames, SEAT dropping water.

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Blended Course Work

This is an NWCG-certified course. View the NWCG certification statement for this course

This is a blended course (estimate 28-36 hours). Additional information about the course can be found on the Overview page.

Instructions for Online

  1. Complete the online component, including the assessment (estimate 4-6 hours). 
  2. On the last screen of the online component, follow the instructions to access the Final Exam located at NFA Online website. You will need an NFA Online account to take the Final Exam; follow directions on the NFA Online website to obtain an account. Search for course title in the catalog and add the online Final Exam to your “To-Do-List.” The NFA Online learning management system will track your progress.
    • Note:  When registering in NFA Online to take the online assessment, be sure to register in the “NWCG” domain in order to find the S-482 assessment in the catalog.
      • You must obtain a passing score of 70% or higher to receive a certificate of completion.
      • Print the certificate and submit it as directed in your course selection letter.


  1. Refer to the course selection letter for the location, dates, and times of the instructor-led component of the course (estimate 24-30 hours). Assemble your kit and bring it to class; A list of kit requirements is in the NWCG Standards for Single Engine Airtanker Operations, PMS 506, Chapter 2 Personnel. This kit is part of your final grade.


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