S-290, Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior, 2010

Decorative banner: Five photos showing various wildland fire scenes. Extreme fire behavior in a stand of pine trees, a division supervisor looking east, two firefighters stand in front of truck while forest fire fills the scene behind them, two firefighters observe a fire working its way through the forest, and a wildland firefighter sits using a handheld radio to provide information.

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Online Delivery

This is an NWCG-certified course. View the NWCG certification statement for this course. 

This online course (estimate 15 hours) builds upon the basics in S-190, Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior but provides more detailed information about characteristics and interactions of the wildland fire environment (fuels, weather, and topography) that affect wildland fire behavior for safety purposes. The course is designed for personnel desiring to be qualified as any single resource boss or fire effects monitor (FEMO).  Additional information about the course can be found on the Overview page.


  1. Complete the online course.  You will be directed to the COMET MetEd website. You will need an COMET MetEd account, before starting the course, to receive an NWCG certificate of completion for this course; follow directions on the COMET MetEd website to obtain an account.  It is important to read the Overview tab on the COMET MetEd website regarding additional requirements about NWCG course certificate.
  2. Print the NWCG certificate of completion per the COMET MetEd directions. Keep the certificate as proof of successful completion of the course.


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