S-357, Food Unit Leader, 2008

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Course Delivery Information

S-357 may be delivered as instructor-led (classroom) training.

Expectations of Instructors

  • Prepare thoroughly. Study the course content you are going to teach.
  • Establish a collaborative and constructive classroom environment.
  • Communicate expectations.
  • Encourage student engagement.
  • Respect student diversity in backgrounds, talent, experience, and learning style.
  • Professionally represent your instructor cadre, your home unit, and your agency.

Course Guidance

Course coordinators and instructors should be thoroughly familiar with the NWCG Standards for Course Delivery, PMS 901-1.  The NWCG Standards for Course Delivery establishes standards for all aspects of NWCG training course management and delivery. These standards should be used in conjunction with the NWCG Standards for Wildland Fire Position Qualifications, PMS 310-1, and the course-specific guidance stated in the NWCG Training Catalog.

See S-357 minimum instructor qualifications

Recommended Class Size

Recommended class size should be limited to 30 students.  Instructors should maintain a 6:1 ratio of students to instructors/coaches to facilitate exercises and discussion and to enable strong mentorship to the students. 

Cadre Meetings

Conduct initial, pre-course, daily, and close-out instructor cadre meetings. These provide opportunities to plan, organize, preview materials, review training and exercises, and identify and address concerns and issues. Consider using an informal After Action Review process. Instructor cadre meetings are critical for instructors who do not have previous experience with the course.  Additional information is located in the NWCG Standards for Course Delivery, PMS 901-1.

Course Materials

Each student must be provided the following:

  • S-357 Food Unit Leader Field Guide 
  • National Interagency Mobilization Guide
  • Interagency Mobile Food Services Performance Evaluation, 1276-E (2 pads per 20 students), NFES 0822
  • Interagency Mobile Food Services Daily Meal Order/Invoice, 1276-A (2 pads per 20 students), NFES 2052
  • Interagency Mobile Food Services Daily Meal Order/Invoice, Continuation 1276-B (2 pads per 20 students), NFES 2053
  • Interagency Mobile Food Service Performance Evaluation, Continuation 1276-H (2 pads per 20 students), NFES 2852
  • Student Workbook
  • Notebook

Optional Materials:

  • Container, combination hot-food/drink (1), NFES 0073
  • Lid Remover, pail (1), NFES 0673
  • General Message Form (ICS 213) - 1 per student
  • Activity Log (ICS 214)  - 1 package per 20 students

Additional Materials and Equipment Needed

These materials are needed above and beyond the usual items (pens, paper, flip charts, markers, etc.).

Technical Considerations

All presentations should be downloaded and tested before the start of class to ensure compatibility with software.

PowerPoint presentations are built in an older version of Microsoft Office.  Some features may not work correctly with newer software or systems.  

For help, visit the Microsoft Office website or contact your local IT support personnel.

Course Evaluations

Use the NWCG Course Evaluation Feedback form to collect information critical to future training improvements.

Students and cadre members are asked to contribute course evaluations. Input is welcome on all aspects of the training course, including course content, pre-course work, reference materials, quality of instruction, delivery methods, and testing procedures.

2008 Version

  • The Mobile Food Services Contract required to complete the pre-course work is not available for download.
  • The course coordinator/lead instructor should obtain the current contract by following the directions on the USFS Contracting website.
  • Send a copy of the contract to students with their acceptance letter.

Due to changes to the National Mobile Facilities contract the following updates need to be made to Pre-Course Test, Unit 5 (Instructor Guide, Student Workbook and PowerPoint) and the Final Exam.

Instructor Guide

  • pg. 5A.17, Twins Exercise − 2nd solution is C2.4.1, not C2.1.3.2 − 3rd solution is C.2.9, not C2.5.1.
  • pg. 5A.18, Twins Exercise − 1st solution is C.1.4.11, not C1.4.12 − 2nd solution is C2.3.3, not C.2.2.2.
  • pg. 5A.22, Lesson 5A Quiz, question 10 – the solution is B and should read 200, 1000, not 200,500.
  • pg. 5B.7, D. Menu Variety – should read “Contractor bi-weekly menus shall be approved.”
  • pg. 5B.9, Twins Exercise − 1st solution is C3.1.1.1-d, not C3.1.1.1-c − 2nd solution is C1.5.13, not C3.1.1.1-i − 3rd solution is C3.1.1.6(e), not C3.1.1.5-6 − 4th solution is C3.1.1.6(c), not C3.1.1.5-3.
  • pg. 5B.10, Twin Exercise − 1st solution is C3.1.1.10 and not C3.1.1.9 − 3rd solution is C1.1.2 and not C4.1.1 − 4th solution is C4.1.1 and not C4.1.2 − 5th solution, is bi-weekly menus and C4.1.2, not weekly and C4.1.3.
  • pg. 5B.11, Twin Exercise − 3rd solution should be C4.2.5.1(b &c), not C4.2.5.2 − 4th solution should be C4.7.3 and not C4.2.5.6 − 5th solution should be C4.2.6.2 and not C4.2.6.1.
  • pg. 5B.18, Lesson 5B Quiz, question 14 − should be B. False.
  • pg. 5B.19, Lesson 5B Quiz, question 16 − should be A. Yes − question 18 should be B. False.
  • pg. 5B.20, Lesson 5B Quiz, question 20 − should be C. FDUL.
  • pg. 5C.9, Twins Fire Exercise − 1st solution, 2nd bullet is C4.2.5, not D.2.2; dash under that is D2.1, not D.1.4.
  • pg. 5D.6, D. Designations – 1, 2, and 3 are no longer in the contract.
  • pg. 5D.6, E. − should be Contractor Bi-weekly Menus.
  • pg. 5D.6, I. − Fresh Food Boxes should be deleted (no longer have Alaska food boxes).
  • pg. 5D.19, Lesson 5D Quiz, question 15 − should be A. Usage/Cu/FT and not square feet.
  • pg. 5D.20 Lesson 5D Quiz, question 19 − A should read: “At a minimum or when required by the local jurisdiction or State Law, one microbiological test for total coliform shall be performed within 2 established business days of the time of arrival at the incident at a certified laboratory.”

Student Workbook

  • Students Workbook will have the same corrections as the Instructors Guide

Appendix C – Final Examination

  • pg. C-33, question:

    A. Maintain a temperature of 72 degrees or less.
    B. Provide insect control.
    C. Provide dust control.
    D. All of Above.

    • 31 pertains to the old contract; insert new question:
      • 31. Sandwich Preparation Area shall:
    • pg. C-25, question 36, solution B needs to be changed to B. 200, 1000 and NOT 200, 500.


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