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NWCG training supports position performance for personnel mobilized to wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents.

Training by category:

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Self-Directed (Online) Courses

These courses, or sub-components of them, are designed for self-directed (online) delivery. This enables students to learn at their own pace, provides alternative delivery options for agencies, and supports development of increased capacity throughout the wildland fire community.

# Title Steward Required For Certification Date Key Words
L-180 Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service LC FFT2, IADP, PIOF, STAM 2008-09 Online course work
M-582 Fire Program Management, Leading Complex Fire Programs M582CSC N/A
PSM-001 How to Correctly Fill Out the Crew Time Report, SF 261 IBC N/A
PSM-002 How to Correctly Fill Out The Emergency Equipment Use Invoice, OF-286 IBC N/A
PSM-003 How To Correctly Fill Out The Incident Time Report, OF-288 IBC N/A
PSM-004 How To Correctly Fill Out The Emergency Equipment Shift Ticket, OF-297 IBC N/A
PSM-005 How to Calculate Equipment Breakdown Rates IBC N/A
S-110 Basic Wildland Fire Orientation IOSC 2014-01 Online course work
S-130 Firefighter Training IOSC FFT2, IADP, PIOF, STAM 2021-11 Blended course work
S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior FBCMU FFT2, IADP, PIOF, STAM 2020-02 Online course work
S-219 Firing Operations FMC 2014-08 Blended course work
S-230 Crew Boss (Single Resource) IOSC CRWB, FELB, FIRB, ENGB, HEQB, HMGB 2004-11 Blended course work, Pre-course work
S-231 Engine Boss (Single Resource) IOSC 2012-01 Blended course work
S-260 Interagency Incident Business Management IBC ATBM, FWBM 2005-06 Online course work
S-273 Single Engine Airtanker Manager IABS SEMG 2011-08 Blended course work
S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior FBCMU CRWB, ENGB, FELB, FEMO, FIRB, HEQB, HMGB 2010-10 Online course work, Pre-course work
S-482 Strategic Operational Planning FMC SOPL 2015-06 Blended course work
S-495 Geospatial Fire Analysis, Interpretation and Application S495CSC LTAN N/A
S-590 Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation S590CSC FBAN, LTAN N/A
S-591 Advanced National Fire Danger Rating System S591CSC N/A
X-901 Firefighter Math FBCMU N/A
X-902 Investigating Railroad Caused Wildfires WFISC N/A
X-903 Mountain Flying Training NIAC 2013
X-904 Working with ESF 4 on Stafford Act Incidents Command And General Staff NIMSIC N/A
X-905 Working with ESF 4 on Stafford Act Incidents Incident Resources NIMSIC N/A

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