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X-904, Working with ESF #4 on Stafford Act Incidents: Command & General Staff, N/A

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Incident Management Team (IMT) roles and responsibilities during hurricanes, earthquakes, and other national and human-caused disasters may be different than IMTs typically have been. The course covers the roles of IMTs, ESF #4 and FEMA, interactions between IMTs and ESF #4, and the management of incident resources during Stafford Act incidents.

This course provides command and general staff members with an overview of IMT operations during Stafford Act incidents;  a brief introduction to ESF #4 and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) response operations;  and describes some of the differences between the wildland fire operating environment and the non-fire incident operating environments.


The course includes 10 modules:

  • Overview
  • Authorities and Framework
  • Agreements
  • National and Regional Response Structures
  • Mission Assignments
  • Responding to an ESF #4 Mission
  • Operational Environment
  • Best Management Practices
  • Wildfire and Aviation Mobilizations through FEMA
  • Course Summary


  1. Complete the online course.
  2. You will be directed to the National Fire Academy (NFA) Online website. You will need an NFA Online account to take this course; follow directions on the NFA Online website to obtain an account. Search for course title in the catalog and add the online course to your “To-Do-List.” The NFA Online learning management system will track your progress.



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