NWCG Certification Workflow


This page outlines the steps required to certify an NWCG course. It assumes the course has already been created or revised by NWCG Training (with the help of SMEs) and is ready to be certified. The process outlined here applies to the majority of NWCG’s courses. Some courses may utilize a modified version of this certification process.

1.  Course Steward

  • Works with NWCG Training to develop a summary of changes, which outlines major changes to the course objectives/content, target group, delivery standards, and instructor qualifications.
  • Recommends course for certification.

2. Parent Committee

  • Provides a content/curriculum review of the course within 30 days of receipt or by the next regularly scheduled committee call.
  • Reviews the summary of changes and ensures, at a high level, that the training meets the intent of the Project Charter (a guidance document which determines the scope and requirements of the project).
  • Provides feedback and/or revisions to NWCG Training.
  • Approves course for certification from a content/curriculum perspective.

3. Incident and Position Standards Committee (IPSC)

  • Provides a systems review as it relates to:​
  • Reviews the summary of changes and ensures changes to incident position standards are aligned appropriately.
  • Ensures changes have been vetted across agencies and with appropriate Committees.
  • Coordinates implementation of incident position standards with the IQCS/IQS system managers.
  • Receives summary of changes and approves course for certification, from systems process perspective, within 30 days of receipt or by the next regularly scheduled committee call.

4. Executive Board

  • Certifies course with final signature.
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