National Wildfire Coordinating Group

NWCG Certification Workflow


This page outlines the steps required to certify an NWCG course for interagency use. Some courses may utilize a modified version of this certification process.

1.  Course Steward

  • Works with NWCG Training to develop a summary of changes, which outlines major changes to the course objectives/content, target group, delivery standards, and instructor qualifications.
  • Recommends course for certification.

2. Parent Committee

  • Reviews the summary of changes and ensures that the content/curriculum meets the overarching intent for the training (as identified in the Project Charter or guidance document which determines the scope and requirements of the project).
  • Approves the Course Steward’s recommendation for certification.

3. Incident and Position Standards Committee (IPSC)

  • Provides a systems review as it relates to:​
  • Reviews the summary of changes and ensures changes to incident position standards are aligned appropriately.
  • Ensures changes have been vetted across agencies and with appropriate Committees.
  • Coordinates implementation of incident position standards with the IQCS/IQS system managers.
  • Receives summary of changes and approves course for certification, from systems process perspective, within 30 days of receipt or by the next regularly scheduled committee call.

4. Executive Board

  • Certifies course with final signature.
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