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Advisories are a time-sensitive alert from an NWCG Committee to the wildland fire community regarding procedural changes, equipment information and/or use updates, potential safety hazards, etc. Yellow hash-marked bordered stationary will be associated with this type of alert.

Date of Issue Alert Title Attachments Alert Type Alert Category Alert Keywords
2015-07-22 Hardhat Cracking and Delamination Safety Advisory Equipment Bullard, Hardhat, DEET, MTDC
2013-06-25 NWCG Heat Related Illness (HRI) Reporting Form Safety Advisory Health personnel, firefighter, Heat related illness, reporting form
2013-05-28 Creation of Arduous Duty Line Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Positions Safety Advisory Personnel Line EMT, Arduous Duty EMT, EMTB, EMTI, EMTP
2013-04-05 Heat Illness Prevention Pocket Guide Safety Advisory Health essential functions, work condition heat-related illness, osha, wfstar, mtdc, firefighters, hri, illness, MTDC, HIP Pocket Guide, hyperthermia
2013-02-25 2013 WFSTAR Letter Safety Advisory Training wfstar, wildland fire safety training and annual refresher
2012-11-13 SAFENET System Update Safety Advisory Reports apple , android, ios interface, photos, word, excel, data, graphical interface
2012-01-27 2012 Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher Safety Advisory Training wfstar, wildland fire safety training and annual refresher
2011-09-13 Hyperthermia Safety Advisory Health hyperthermia, thermoregulation, body temperature, heat illness, heat injury, hydration
2011-05-17 Implementation of New SAFENET Field Card Safety Advisory Personnel rhabdomyolysis, epidemiological study, EPI-AID, CDC, NIOSH, disease, illness, dehydration, acclimatization, creatine, caffeine, upper-respiratory infections, flu-like, dietary supplements, blood test, Creatine Kinase, physical conditioning, exertion
2011-05-12 Rhabdomyolysis Epidemiological Study Results and Recommendations Safety Advisory Health rhabdomyolysis, heat illness, heat injury, CDC, NIOSH, EPI-AID
2011-03-28 Draft MTDC Tech Tip - Bullard Hard Hats Safety Advisory Equipment personal protective equipment, ppe, hardhat, MTDC
2011-02-04 2011 Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR) Safety Advisory Training wfstar, wildland fire safety training and annual refresher
2010-12-21 Rhabdomyolysis Epidemiological Study Safety Advisory Health risk factors, disease
2010-07-22 Cache Memorandum No.10-3 - Non Compliant Fuel Bottles Safety Advisory Equipment sigg bottle
2010-07-04 Wildland Fire Smoke - Employee Exposure and Health Safety Advisory Health firefighters, ppe, respiratory protection, mitigations
2010-06-17 International Association of Fire Chiefs Safety Week Safety Advisory Health health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, safety, , stress management, illness, alcohol, drugs, smoking, infectious disease
2010-06-07 Ash Pit Safety Advisory Safety Advisory Personnel hazards, burn injury protocols
2010-02-24 2009 Final Safety Gram Safety Advisory Reports Fatalities, entrapments, serious accidents
2010-02-10 Hang-Ups – Take a Second Look Safety Advisory Training hazard tree
2010-01-29 2010 Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR) Safety Advisory Training communication, lessons learned, human factors
2009-10-01 6 Minutes for Safety New Features Safety Advisory Miscellaneous 6mfs calendar, safety discussions, resources
2009-08-17 Updates to the SAFENET Website Safety Advisory Miscellaneous safety reporting
2009-07-25 Final Safety Advisory Norovirus Safety Advisory Health acute gastroenteritis, illness
2009-07-15 NWCG#020-2009 Memorandum -- Interim Influenza Guidelines for Wildland Fire Responses Safety Advisory Health firefighter health, safety
2009-07-02 Heat Illness Safety Safety Advisory Health firefighter safety, physical fitness training, hazards
2009-07-02 New Six Minutes for Safety Addition Safety Advisory Personnel this day in history, TDIH, 6MFS
2009-06-16 Interagency Safety and Health Reporting Processes Safety Advisory Reports Safety gram, SAFENET, SAFECOM
2009-06-12 International Association of Fire Chiefs Safety Week Safety Advisory Personnel firefighter safety, personnel
2009-02-03 2008 Safety Gram Safety Advisory Reports firefighter safety, operations
2009-02-02 Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Training - 2009 Safety Advisory Training wfstar, operations, personnel, firefighter safety, qualifications
2009-01-22 10th Wildland Fire Safety Summit Safety Advisory Personnel tridata study, safety, health, lessons learned
2008-11-17 TriData Study: 10 Years Later Safety Advisory Reports safety report, fire management, lessons learned
2008-10-06 Fire Shelter System Website Safety Advisory Equipment firefighter safety, entrapment
2008-08-14 MRSA Exposure Potential (Staph Infection) Safety Advisory Health CA-MRSA, bacteria, firefighter health
2008-08-08 Incident Medical Plans and Emergency Communications Safety Advisory Personnel situational awareness, firefighter safety, medivac, medical transport
2008-07-30 NMAC Safety Stand Down - August 1, 2008 Safety Advisory Training geographic area coordinating group, fatalities, accidents, injuries, firefighter safety, hazard tree
2008-07-25 NWCG Standards and Agency Administrator's Guide to Critical Incident Management Safety Advisory Miscellaneous emergency medical services, pms 926
2008-07-09 Wildland Fire Fatalities Safety Advisory Reports vehicle, aviation, medical
2008-07-03 Thunderstorm Safety Safety Advisory Fire Behavior lightening, risk management
2008-06-23 Incident Emergency Medical Task Group (IEMTG) Safety Advisory Health incident medical, occupational health services
2008-06-17 Firefighter Safety Stand Down Safety Advisory Training health, vehicle, PPE, leadership, critical incident
2008-04-28 Firefighters Concerned About Fire Shelter Length Safety Advisory Equipment safety
2008-02-08 Hazard Tree and Tree Felling Website Safety Advisory Miscellaneous mitigation, risk, safety
2008-01-31 2008 Updates - Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training Safety Advisory Training wfstar
2008-01-17 2007 Safety Gram Safety Advisory Personnel fatalities, entrapments, serious injury
2007-10-30 Seat Belt Use Saves Lives!!! Safety Advisory Equipment personal protective equipment, ppe, vehicle safety, accidents
2007-08-06 Situation Awareness Briefing Safety Advisory Personnel accidents, errors, operational tempo, hazards, fatigue, complacency, communication, crew cohesion
2007-07-17 Dry Fuels and Extreme Fire Behavior Safety Advisory Fire Behavior mitigate risks, hazardous conditions, LCES, safety zones
2007-06-15 Firefighter Safety Stand Down Safety Advisory Personnel ready to respond, safety awareness, fireline safety
2007-01-31 2006 Safety Gram Safety Advisory Reports fatalities, entrapments, serious accidents, injuries
2007-01-31 2007 Updates-Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training Safety Advisory Training wfstar
2007-01-09 Factual Investigation Reports -- New York Peak Fire & Mudd Fire Safety Advisory Reports entrapment, shelter deployment, burnover
2006-08-28 Burnovers Safety Advisory Personnel firefighters, risk, injury, fire shelters, fuels
2006-08-24 Driving Safety Safety Advisory Personnel wildfire safety data, safety gram
2006-08-02 National Preparedness Level 5 Safety Concerns and Mitigations Safety Advisory Personnel entrapments, burnovers, fire behavior, firefighter safety
2006-07-20 Extreme Fire Behavior Safety Advisory Fire Behavior situation report, aviation, operations, firefighting, extended attack
2006-07-13 Interagency Aviation Safety Alert Safety Advisory Personnel safecom, hazard reporting system
2006-06-14 IAFC Safety Stand Down Safety Advisory Personnel firefighting safety, emergency vehicle operations, seatbelt, driving
2006-05-16 New Wildland Fire Safety Initiatives Safety Advisory Personnel historical documents, repository, investigation, analysis, reports, lessons learned
2005-11-29 Racal Radio Recall Safety Advisory Equipment communications, firmware, updates, operation
2005-08-24 Narrowband Radio Operations Safety Advisory Equipment communications, fire, FM frequency
2005-06-17 Fine Fuels Safety Advisory Fire Behavior fire danger, risk management, wildfire potential, forecasts
2005-06-17 Firefighter Safety Stand Down Talking Points Safety Advisory Personnel emergency services sector, critical infrastructure, prevention, firefighter safety
2004-09-17 IRPG Correction Safety Advisory Miscellaneous Printing error, omission
2004-08-10 Utility Box Mounting Brackets - Chevrolet 2500 HD Crew Cab Pickups Safety Advisory Equipment pedestal mounts, hardware, safety, vehicle inspections
2004-07-22 RACAL 25 Power Consumption Safety Advisory Equipment portable radios, electronics, digital
2004-07-02 Frequency Incompatibility - Narrowband / Wideband Issues Safety Advisory Equipment communications, radio operators, dispatch, firefighters
2004-06-10 Fire Behavior Alert for Southwest Safety Advisory Fire Behavior NFDRS, Fuel Model, prescribed fire
2004-05-10 Wildland Firefighter Health and Safety Report No. 8 Safety Advisory Health immune, work rest, fatigue, supplements, nutrition
2004-03-31 Int'l Harvester Corp. Mod. 4300 and 4400 vehicles Safety Advisory Equipment recall, mechanical defect
2003-09-04 Group A Streptococcus Safety Advisory Health health and safety, physical fitness, self care
2003-08-14 King Radio Clam Shell Issues Safety Advisory Equipment battery pack defects, safety, installation
2003-07-28 Jerry Williams Message Safety Advisory Personnel wildfires, situational awareness, training, risk management, fire behavior, operations, extended attack, lces
2003-02-19 Aviation Resources Shortfall Safety Advisory Equipment Federal Large Airtanker, impacts, firefighting
2003-01-31 2003 Revisions, Safety Refresher Training Website Safety Advisory Training wfstar, instructors, firefighters
2002-12-18 T & D Publications Available Safety Advisory Miscellaneous MTDC, SDTDC, Missoula, San Dimas
2002-10-22 Defective Wiring, Single Cell Headlamp Safety Advisory Equipment equipment, defective, batteries
2002-08-27 PVC Fusee Holders Safety Advisory Equipment risk, ignition, firefighters, explode
2002-08-27 Securing Large Tent Shelters Safety Advisory Equipment safety, proper use, operations, property damage, fire camp
2002-07-16 Forest Service Policy - Fire Resistant Clothing (Kevlar BDU) Safety Advisory Equipment firefighter, flame resistant, protective, equipment
2002-07-12 Fire Danger PocketCards Safety Advisory Equipment communication, firefighters, pre-suppression, fuels, index, fire family plus
2002-07-11 P2V and C130A Operational Suspensions Safety Advisory Equipment aviation, airtankers
2002-07-11 Price Canyon Entrapment 72 Hr Report Safety Advisory Personnel indirect attack, risk management, incident response, operations, fire behavior
2002-06-21 Work / Rest Policy Safety Advisory Personnel firefighters, dispatchers, length of assignment, recuperation
2002-03-08 Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Training website Safety Advisory Training wfstar, instructors, students, firefighters
2002-03-08 SAFENET Endorsed by NWCG Safety Advisory Personnel form, process, reporting, safety, awareness, operations, firefighters
2002-03-07 Fireshelter Alert Safety Advisory Equipment firefighter, safety, polyvinyl bag, red tab
2001-09-26 30 Mile Investigation Report Safety Advisory Reports management evaluation, executive summary, entrapment, burnover, fatality
2001-08-16 Message from the Federal Fire Directors Safety Advisory Personnel risk, firefighter, public, LCES, situational awareness, communication, fire behavior
2001-06-04 National Fire Safety Summit Safety Advisory Training
2001-05-24 Firefighter Personal Hygiene Safety Advisory Health viral agent, dehydration,
2001-04-30 Six Minutes for Safety Safety Advisory Personnel federal fire and aviation safety team, program, firefighters, module leaders, fire managers, high-risk situations
2001-04-20 Fire Shelter Recall Information Safety Advisory Equipment polyvinyl case
2001-04-13 Fire Shelter Packaging Defect Safety Advisory Equipment tabs, GSA, recall
2001-04-12 Safety Alert System Safety Advisory Miscellaneous warning, advisory, bulletin