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Safety Warnings are a time-sensitive alert to the wildland fire community addressing wildland fire safety hazards that pose an imminent threat, or have potential to pose a threat, to life or property. Red hash-marked bordered stationary will be associated with this type of alert.

Date of Issue Alert Title Attachments Alert Type Alert Category Alert Keywords
2023-03-08 ETC-SW-2023-001: Non-specification Fire Shelters Safety Warning Equipment
2022-09-12 RMC-SW-22-01: Hazard Tree Awareness for Strategic Decision Makers Safety Warning Personnel
2021-04-22 Drip Torch Lock Rings Detaching Safety Warning Equipment
2014-08-01 Stihl Chainsaw Fuel/Oil Caps and attachment Safety Warning Equipment Stihl, chainsaw, fuel cap, oil cap, cap failure, Rocky Ridge
2009-08-03 Pump Refueling Safety Warning Safety Warning Equipment burn injury, accident, firefighter, safety
2009-07-10 DO NOT CONSUME MRE Dairy Shake Powder Safety Warning Health nutrition, food, illness
2005-07-11 Failure of Sigg Type Bottles Safety Warning Equipment fuel bottles, defects
2004-07-06 Nuttall Fire Deployment - Coronado NF, Arizona Safety Warning Personnel fire shelter, fire operations, incident, entrapment, deployment
2004-05-24 2004 Fire Season & Aviation Resources Safety Warning Personnel safety, firefighter
2004-04-09 New Fire Shelter Recall Safety Warning Equipment defects, shake handles, tear
2003-07-29 Primus and Other Fuel Bottles Safety Warning Equipment defects
2002-09-02 Fire Shelter Bag Modifications Safety Warning Equipment tear strips
2002-08-22 Failure of Sigg Type Bottles Safety Warning Equipment fuel bottles, defective
2001-08-13 Heat Intolerance from Performance Pills Safety Warning Health heat related injuries, drugs, treatments, prescription, over-the-counter