Learning Objects

  • Reusable learning objects represent an alternative approach to content development. In this approach, content is broken down into chunks. From a pedagogical perspective, each chunk might play a specific role within an instructional design methodology. Such chunks are called learning objects. There is no standard for the size (or granularity) of a learning object. Larger learning objects are typically harder to reuse, and smaller learner objects save less work for those who reuse them. Normally the happy medium has been estimated as between five and fifteen minutes of learning material. The requirements for each chunk are:
    • Each chunk must be able to communicate with learning systems using a standardized method that does not depend on the system.
    • What happens within a chunk is the chunk's business.
    • How a learner moves between chunks is controlled by the learning system.
    • Each chunk must have a description (metadata tag) that enables designers to search for and find the right chunk for the right job. 
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