Interagency Fire Planning Committee


The Interagency Fire Planning Committee (IFPC) works collaboratively on all issues that affect agencies in the fire planning process to assure that employees on the ground have the ability to continue to work across agency boundaries.  IFPC members continue to focus on agency planning policy and guidance as it develops to ensure that the fire planning community is poised to move forward when needed.


The Committee has been established to assist and provide guidance in:

  1. Ensuring compliance with statutes and regulations affecting wildland fire management,
  2. Developing and implementing fire management plans, land management plans and other fire planning documents, and
  3. Developing and implementing Fire Program Analysis (FPA) and other planning support processes.


The mission goals are:

  • Establish cohesive federal fire management planning direction and guidance through the development of an Interagency Fire Management Plan Template that reflects current federal fire management policies.
  • Formulate individual agency guidance for fire management planning within the framework of the Interagency Template.
  • Develop collaborative training to address employee development needs in fire management planning, while respecting and accommodating differences in agency-specific planning methodologies.
  • Communicate individual agency planning developments and policy changes to assure continued cohesive understanding across agency boundaries.


The Committee is primarily responsible for developing interagency direction and guidance for fire management planning. The committee will ensure that fire management planning is coordinated with and supports objectives of associated land management plans.

Products & Services

  • Create, implement and/or support the development of interdisciplinary training to develop employee capability in all aspects of planning including: fire management plans, land management plans, compliance and analysis.
  • Identify impediments to successful accomplishment of fire management plans; and work to resolve issues on a national scale to produce cost-efficient fire management programs in support of resource management objectives.
  • To assure this, the committee will provide guidance and recommendations on fire planning issues identified by Fire Directors, Fire Planners, and other partners involved in the fire planning process.
  • Ensure that fire planning is fully integrated into the fire policy and direction issued by each agency and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas relating to fire planning issues, develop short and long term solutions to these issues, and recommend these solutions to Fire Directors for implementation.
  • Manage updates to the Interagency Fire Management Plan Template as policy changes.

Contact Reeve Armstrong, IFPC  Chair, at 720-407-0637, or email