Wildland Urban Interface Mitigation Committee

Authority: The Committee is established pursuant to the authorities granted in the National Wildfire Coordinating Group Charter, October 11, 2007.

Purpose: The Committee is established to provide coordinated leadership, input. and recommendations for the achievement of fire -adapted communities in the wildland urban interface.

Membership: Committee membership will reflect a mix of people who are knowledgeable in the subject area of the Committee and who are from NWCG member agencies and organizations. With NWCG Executive Board approval, other agencies or organizations that are not NWCG members may be selected for Committee membership.

Responsibility: The Committee is primarily responsible for;

  • Promote fire-adapted wildland urban interface communities by supporting the concept of individual and community responsibility and practices that reduce wildfire risk for communities.
  • Facilitate solutions to wildland urban interface fire issues through effective partnerships at all levels.
  • Pursue educational opportunities to inform jurisdictional authorities about methods to address wildland urban interface fire.
  • Leverage funding organizations for optimal use of investments in wildland urban interface fire solutions
  • Provide oversight for the NFPA Firewise program.