Fire Restrictions/Closures

Fire Restrictions Sign (P5179 12x14 Unicor sign)

Fire Restriction sign similar to Unicor Sign P5179 12x14. Sign is designed to fit standard sign mounts in Forest Service recreation areas. They can be printed and laminated and affixed as temporary signs, or you can order more permanent versions on high density polyethylene or aluminum. Sources for customized signs include:

No Fires; Permitted and Prohibited Fires

11x17 fire restrictions poster. PERMITTED: Campfires are only allowed in established metal fire rings within developed areas such as campgrounds; Pressurized gas stoves and space heating devices that can be quickly turned off are allowed; Portable stoves and lanterns using liquid petroleum fuels. PROHIBITED: No open fires are allowed in dispersed, backcountry areas. Wood and charcoal fires, charcoal grills, and portable braziers are prohibited. Fires are prohibited in rock fire pits and rock fire rings.