Fire Restrictions/Closures

Fire Restrictions are In Effect Info Board

This page is designed to be printed on 36x48 paper size on a plotter, but it fits on a 4x4 piece of plywood. Additional information can occupy the 12’ space left on the side. Messages, restrictions and maps can be changed based on location. The second page contains art that can be switched out depending on restrictions. This is meant to be used where people walk up to it and read. It is not a roadside sign, because there is too much content. It is not meant to be a facebook or social media graphic, either.

Do Not (Prohibited) Artwork

Contains prohibited symbols (red circle slash with icon underneath) for different fire causes, for use on restriction products. File contains a Powerpoint with all images placed in it, plus png files.

Fireworks, OHV, incendiary ammo, parking on grass, smoking, shooting, welding, sky lanterns, chainsaws. If you need these in a larger size for a sign or banner, contact the designer.