Training Liaisons By Committee

Liaison Committee Office Phone Email
Benoit, Annie Fire Environment Committee 208-387-5112
Burkhammer, Erin National Interagency Aviation Committee 208-387-5699
Burkhammer, Erin Incident Operations Subcommittee 208-387-5699
Glaeser, Lori Data Management Committee 208-387-5961
Glaeser, Lori Geospatial Subcommittee 208-387-5961
Iverson, Ben Fuels Management Committee 208-387-5324
Jackson, Colby Incident Planning Subcommittee 208-387-5328
Jackson, Colby Risk Management Committee 208-387-5328
Oke, Nicole National Coordination Training Subcommittee 208-387-5333
Oke, Nicole National Interagency Aviation Committee 208-387-5333
Oke, Nicole Interagency Helicopter Operations Subcommittee 208-387-5333
Squires-Kazimir, Leigh Anne Communication Education and Prevention Committee 208-387-5314
Squires-Kazimir, Leigh Anne Public Information Officer Subcommittee 208-387-5314
Squires-Kazimir, Leigh Anne Wildland Fire Investigation Subcommittee 208-387-5314
Squires-Kazimir, Leigh Anne Incident Business Committee 208-387-5314
Hughes, Jeff Operations and Training Committee 208-387-5796