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Wildland Fire Learning Portal Governance Board

WFLP decorative banner: photos depicting WFLP training courses.


The Wildland Fire Fire Learning Portal (WFLP) Governance Board works directly for the NWCG Executive Board via charter. 

The WFLP Governance Board provides national level oversight, authority, and long-term strategic direction of the WFLP by ensuring all stakeholders interests are represented.  Primary objectives include:

  • Establishes, maintains and enforces WFLP business processes for the implementation and maintenance of the WFLP.
  • Ensures the WFLP accurately reflects the business requirements of the user community.
  • Reviews and approves modifications to the WFLP to ensure appropriate agency and stakeholder requirements are met and are based on a demonstrated business need.
  • Reviews and approves all WFLP modifications that may affect business requirements, user security roles, or have a major effect on the learner.
  • Develops strategic direction to ensure the long-term sustainability of the WFLP.


WFLP Governance Board Charter

WFLP Standard Operating Procedures

Wildland Fire Learning Portal



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