National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Fire Reporting Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The Fire Reporting Subcommittee (FRSC) provides interagency national leadership and guidance for fire reporting. As reflected in its membership, the FRSC provides broad representation on fire reporting stakeholders and related business areas and serves as an advocate on their behalf. 

Primary Objectives

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  • Define, promote, and recommend the use of NWCG standards-based interagency fire reporting information, both current and historic.
  • Provide guidance for combining agency data to build interagency datasets.
  • Develop requirements for acquiring, storing, and delivering trusted interagency datasets, including governance, quality control, access, and maintenance of included data.
  • Identify gaps and deficiencies in standards and propose solutions.
  • Develop and promote the use of interagency standards within wildland fire applications.

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