Incident Medical Specialist Manager, IMSM

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Incident Positions
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  • Provides general oversight, coordination, and supervision of incident medical support on incidents.
  • Assesses numbers/capabilities and coordinate with local EMS and other health care providers.
  • Develops medical unit plans and procedures.
  • Prepares all medical reports and submit reports as directed.
  • Coordinates emergency medivacs utilizing incident and/or local resources.
  • Ensures all medical personnel follow established protocols for patient evaluation, treatment, documentation, and use of non-prescription medications.
  • Maintains personal responsibility for prescription medications (i.e. Epi-PensĀ®) issued under the authority of the advising physician.
  • Establishes and organizes the medical field unit to efficiently provide medical care.
  • Provides adjunct services, such as coordination of prescription refills or dental support items needed by incident personnel.
  • Maintains readiness for dispatch to line for medical emergencies.
  • Supervises Incident Medical Specialist (IMS) assistants and other assigned personnel.
  • Coordinates physician/hospital visits for personnel needing additional medical care.
  • Keeps MEDL informed of any major injuries or illnesses, emergency responses or transports, identified trends of injury or illness among crews, and makes recommendations for no duty/light duty status or medical DEMOB.
  • Works closely with COMP to insure accurate and timely completion of forms/documents.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Annual incident medical specialist training
  • Maintain EMT certification
  • Maintain S-132 Standards for Survival currency
  • WCT at moderate level
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