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Alerts are issued by the NWCG committee with responsibility for the topic to be addressed. To request an alert, contact your agency representative on the appropriate NWCG Committee.

Date of Issue Alert Title Attachments Alert Type Alert Category Alert Keywords
2023-05-11 ETC-EB-2023-02: Fire shelter training material moved to a website and publication renamed Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2023-03-08 ETC-SW-2023-001: Non-specification Fire Shelters Safety Warning Equipment
2023-03-01 ETC-EB-2023-01: Discontinuation of Shelf Stable Food Boxes (NFES 7478) in NISC Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2022-09-12 RMC-SW-22-01: Hazard Tree Awareness for Strategic Decision Makers Safety Warning Personnel
2022-06-21 ETC-EA-22-05: BKR5000 Series Radio Firmware Update Equipment Advisory Equipment
2022-05-19 ETC-EA-22-04: BK Radio Not Powering Up When Switched to the On Position Equipment Advisory Equipment
2022-05-18 ETC-EB-22-01: 50:1 Fuel/Oil Mix Ratio Recommendation for 2-Stroke Wildland Fire Portable Pumps Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2022-03-16 ETC-EA-2022-03: Performance Differences Between Pre-and Post-2006 Fire Shelters Equipment Advisory Equipment
2022-01-05 ETC-EA-22-02: Fuel Container Geysering Equipment Advisory Equipment equipment, fuel, geyser, container
2022-01-03 ETC-EA-22-01: Inspection of 3,000 lb. Cargo Nets Equipment Advisory Equipment equipment, cargo nets, inspection
2021-04-22 Drip Torch Lock Rings Detaching Safety Warning Equipment
2021-03-04 ETC-EB-21-01: Fire Shelter Training Update/Reminders Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2021-03-04 ETC-EA-21-01: Fire Shelter PVC Bag Retrofit 2021 Equipment Advisory Equipment
2019-08-20 ETC-EB-2019-04: Medical Kit Changes – Urgent Recall of Altaire Pharmaceuticals Eye Wash Solution Link to Altaire Pharmaceuticals Urgent Drug Recall Press Release Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2019-05-30 ETC-EB-2019-03: NWCG Dozer Typing Standard - Request for Comment Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2019-05-09 ETC-EB-2019-02: Firefighter Pants Questionnaire Survey Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2019-02-12 ETC-EB-2019-01: Medical Kit Changes for 2019 Field Season Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2018-09-27 ETC-EB-2018-01: Further information on removal of NFES 001175 Five Gallon Fuel Can from NISCs Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2017-02-03 ETC-EB-2017-01: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Issues STIHL Chainsaw Recall Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2016-10-07 ETC-EB-2016-03: Engine and Water Tender Foot Valve Leakage - Field Test Protocol Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2016-02-25 ETC-EB-2016-01: Phase-Out of Drip Torches That Do Not Comply with US DOT and US OSHA Specifications Equipment Bulletin Equipment
2015-07-22 Hardhat Cracking and Delamination Safety Advisory Equipment Bullard, Hardhat, DEET, MTDC
2014-08-01 Stihl Chainsaw Fuel/Oil Caps and attachment Safety Warning Equipment Stihl, chainsaw, fuel cap, oil cap, cap failure, Rocky Ridge
2013-06-25 NWCG Heat Related Illness (HRI) Reporting Form Safety Advisory Health personnel, firefighter, Heat related illness, reporting form
2013-05-28 Creation of Arduous Duty Line Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Positions Safety Advisory Personnel Line EMT, Arduous Duty EMT, EMTB, EMTI, EMTP
2013-04-05 Heat Illness Prevention Pocket Guide Safety Advisory Health essential functions, work condition heat-related illness, osha, wfstar, mtdc, firefighters, hri, illness, MTDC, HIP Pocket Guide, hyperthermia
2013-02-25 2013 WFSTAR Letter Safety Advisory Training wfstar, wildland fire safety training and annual refresher
2012-11-13 SAFENET System Update Safety Advisory Reports apple , android, ios interface, photos, word, excel, data, graphical interface
2012-01-27 2012 Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher Safety Advisory Training wfstar, wildland fire safety training and annual refresher
2011-09-13 Hyperthermia Safety Advisory Health hyperthermia, thermoregulation, body temperature, heat illness, heat injury, hydration
2011-05-17 Implementation of New SAFENET Field Card Safety Advisory Personnel rhabdomyolysis, epidemiological study, EPI-AID, CDC, NIOSH, disease, illness, dehydration, acclimatization, creatine, caffeine, upper-respiratory infections, flu-like, dietary supplements, blood test, Creatine Kinase, physical conditioning, exertion
2011-05-12 Rhabdomyolysis Epidemiological Study Results and Recommendations Safety Advisory Health rhabdomyolysis, heat illness, heat injury, CDC, NIOSH, EPI-AID
2011-02-04 2011 Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR) Safety Advisory Training wfstar, wildland fire safety training and annual refresher
2010-12-21 Rhabdomyolysis Epidemiological Study Safety Advisory Health risk factors, disease
2010-07-22 Cache Memorandum No.10-3 - Non Compliant Fuel Bottles Safety Advisory Equipment sigg bottle
2010-07-04 Wildland Fire Smoke - Employee Exposure and Health Safety Advisory Health firefighters, ppe, respiratory protection, mitigations
2010-06-17 International Association of Fire Chiefs Safety Week Safety Advisory Health health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, safety, , stress management, illness, alcohol, drugs, smoking, infectious disease
2010-06-07 Ash Pit Safety Advisory Safety Advisory Personnel hazards, burn injury protocols
2010-02-24 2009 Final Safety Gram Safety Advisory Reports Fatalities, entrapments, serious accidents
2010-02-10 Hang-Ups – Take a Second Look Safety Advisory Training hazard tree
2010-01-29 2010 Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR) Safety Advisory Training communication, lessons learned, human factors
2009-10-01 6 Minutes for Safety New Features Safety Advisory Miscellaneous 6mfs calendar, safety discussions, resources
2009-08-17 Updates to the SAFENET Website Safety Advisory Miscellaneous safety reporting
2009-08-03 Pump Refueling Safety Warning Safety Warning Equipment burn injury, accident, firefighter, safety
2009-07-25 Final Safety Advisory Norovirus Safety Advisory Health acute gastroenteritis, illness
2009-07-15 NWCG#020-2009 Memorandum -- Interim Influenza Guidelines for Wildland Fire Responses Safety Advisory Health firefighter health, safety
2009-07-10 DO NOT CONSUME MRE Dairy Shake Powder Safety Warning Health nutrition, food, illness
2009-07-02 Heat Illness Safety Safety Advisory Health firefighter safety, physical fitness training, hazards
2009-07-02 New Six Minutes for Safety Addition Safety Advisory Personnel this day in history, TDIH, 6MFS
2009-06-16 Interagency Safety and Health Reporting Processes Safety Advisory Reports Safety gram, SAFENET, SAFECOM
2009-06-12 International Association of Fire Chiefs Safety Week Safety Advisory Personnel firefighter safety, personnel
2009-02-03 2008 Safety Gram Safety Advisory Reports firefighter safety, operations
2009-02-02 Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Training - 2009 Safety Advisory Training wfstar, operations, personnel, firefighter safety, qualifications
2009-01-22 10th Wildland Fire Safety Summit Safety Advisory Personnel tridata study, safety, health, lessons learned
2008-11-17 TriData Study: 10 Years Later Safety Advisory Reports safety report, fire management, lessons learned
2008-10-06 Fire Shelter System Website Safety Advisory Equipment firefighter safety, entrapment
2008-08-14 MRSA Exposure Potential (Staph Infection) Safety Advisory Health CA-MRSA, bacteria, firefighter health
2008-08-08 Incident Medical Plans and Emergency Communications Safety Advisory Personnel situational awareness, firefighter safety, medivac, medical transport
2008-07-30 NMAC Safety Stand Down - August 1, 2008 Safety Advisory Training geographic area coordinating group, fatalities, accidents, injuries, firefighter safety, hazard tree
2008-07-25 NWCG Standards and Agency Administrator's Guide to Critical Incident Management Safety Advisory Miscellaneous emergency medical services, pms 926
2008-07-09 Wildland Fire Fatalities Safety Advisory Reports vehicle, aviation, medical
2008-07-03 Thunderstorm Safety Safety Advisory Fire Behavior lightening, risk management
2008-06-23 Incident Emergency Medical Task Group (IEMTG) Safety Advisory Health incident medical, occupational health services
2008-06-17 Firefighter Safety Stand Down Safety Advisory Training health, vehicle, PPE, leadership, critical incident
2008-04-28 Firefighters Concerned About Fire Shelter Length Safety Advisory Equipment safety
2008-02-08 Hazard Tree and Tree Felling Website Safety Advisory Miscellaneous mitigation, risk, safety
2008-01-31 2008 Updates - Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training Safety Advisory Training wfstar
2008-01-17 2007 Safety Gram Safety Advisory Personnel fatalities, entrapments, serious injury
2007-10-30 Seat Belt Use Saves Lives!!! Safety Advisory Equipment personal protective equipment, ppe, vehicle safety, accidents
2007-08-06 Situation Awareness Briefing Safety Advisory Personnel accidents, errors, operational tempo, hazards, fatigue, complacency, communication, crew cohesion
2007-07-17 Dry Fuels and Extreme Fire Behavior Safety Advisory Fire Behavior mitigate risks, hazardous conditions, LCES, safety zones
2007-06-15 Firefighter Safety Stand Down Safety Advisory Personnel ready to respond, safety awareness, fireline safety
2007-01-31 2006 Safety Gram Safety Advisory Reports fatalities, entrapments, serious accidents, injuries
2007-01-31 2007 Updates-Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training Safety Advisory Training wfstar
2007-01-09 Factual Investigation Reports -- New York Peak Fire & Mudd Fire Safety Advisory Reports entrapment, shelter deployment, burnover
2006-08-28 Burnovers Safety Advisory Personnel firefighters, risk, injury, fire shelters, fuels
2006-08-24 Driving Safety Safety Advisory Personnel wildfire safety data, safety gram
2006-08-02 National Preparedness Level 5 Safety Concerns and Mitigations Safety Advisory Personnel entrapments, burnovers, fire behavior, firefighter safety
2006-07-20 Extreme Fire Behavior Safety Advisory Fire Behavior situation report, aviation, operations, firefighting, extended attack
2006-07-13 Interagency Aviation Safety Alert Safety Advisory Personnel safecom, hazard reporting system
2006-06-14 IAFC Safety Stand Down Safety Advisory Personnel firefighting safety, emergency vehicle operations, seatbelt, driving
2006-05-16 New Wildland Fire Safety Initiatives Safety Advisory Personnel historical documents, repository, investigation, analysis, reports, lessons learned
2005-11-29 Racal Radio Recall Safety Advisory Equipment communications, firmware, updates, operation
2005-08-24 Narrowband Radio Operations Safety Advisory Equipment communications, fire, FM frequency
2005-07-11 Failure of Sigg Type Bottles Safety Warning Equipment fuel bottles, defects
2005-06-17 Fine Fuels Safety Advisory Fire Behavior fire danger, risk management, wildfire potential, forecasts
2005-06-17 Firefighter Safety Stand Down Talking Points Safety Advisory Personnel emergency services sector, critical infrastructure, prevention, firefighter safety
2004-09-17 IRPG Correction Safety Advisory Miscellaneous Printing error, omission
2004-08-10 Utility Box Mounting Brackets - Chevrolet 2500 HD Crew Cab Pickups Safety Advisory Equipment pedestal mounts, hardware, safety, vehicle inspections
2004-07-22 RACAL 25 Power Consumption Safety Advisory Equipment portable radios, electronics, digital
2004-07-06 Nuttall Fire Deployment - Coronado NF, Arizona Safety Warning Personnel fire shelter, fire operations, incident, entrapment, deployment
2004-07-02 Frequency Incompatibility - Narrowband / Wideband Issues Safety Advisory Equipment communications, radio operators, dispatch, firefighters
2004-06-10 Fire Behavior Alert for Southwest Safety Advisory Fire Behavior NFDRS, Fuel Model, prescribed fire
2004-05-24 2004 Fire Season & Aviation Resources Safety Warning Personnel safety, firefighter
2004-05-10 Wildland Firefighter Health and Safety Report No. 8 Safety Advisory Health immune, work rest, fatigue, supplements, nutrition
2004-04-09 New Fire Shelter Recall Safety Warning Equipment defects, shake handles, tear
2004-03-31 Int'l Harvester Corp. Mod. 4300 and 4400 vehicles Safety Advisory Equipment recall, mechanical defect
2003-09-04 Group A Streptococcus Safety Advisory Health health and safety, physical fitness, self care
2003-08-14 King Radio Clam Shell Issues Safety Advisory Equipment battery pack defects, safety, installation
2003-07-29 Primus and Other Fuel Bottles Safety Warning Equipment defects
2003-07-28 Jerry Williams Message Safety Advisory Personnel wildfires, situational awareness, training, risk management, fire behavior, operations, extended attack, lces
2003-02-19 Aviation Resources Shortfall Safety Advisory Equipment Federal Large Airtanker, impacts, firefighting
2003-01-31 2003 Revisions, Safety Refresher Training Website Safety Advisory Training wfstar, instructors, firefighters
2002-12-18 T & D Publications Available Safety Advisory Miscellaneous MTDC, SDTDC, Missoula, San Dimas
2002-10-22 Defective Wiring, Single Cell Headlamp Safety Advisory Equipment equipment, defective, batteries
2002-09-02 Fire Shelter Bag Modifications Safety Warning Equipment tear strips
2002-08-27 PVC Fusee Holders Safety Advisory Equipment risk, ignition, firefighters, explode
2002-08-27 Securing Large Tent Shelters Safety Advisory Equipment safety, proper use, operations, property damage, fire camp
2002-08-22 Failure of Sigg Type Bottles Safety Warning Equipment fuel bottles, defective
2002-07-16 Forest Service Policy - Fire Resistant Clothing (Kevlar BDU) Safety Advisory Equipment firefighter, flame resistant, protective, equipment
2002-07-12 Fire Danger PocketCards Safety Advisory Equipment communication, firefighters, pre-suppression, fuels, index, fire family plus
2002-07-11 P2V and C130A Operational Suspensions Safety Advisory Equipment aviation, airtankers
2002-07-11 Price Canyon Entrapment 72 Hr Report Safety Advisory Personnel indirect attack, risk management, incident response, operations, fire behavior
2002-06-21 Work / Rest Policy Safety Advisory Personnel firefighters, dispatchers, length of assignment, recuperation
2002-03-08 Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Training website Safety Advisory Training wfstar, instructors, students, firefighters
2002-03-08 SAFENET Endorsed by NWCG Safety Advisory Personnel form, process, reporting, safety, awareness, operations, firefighters
2002-03-07 Fireshelter Alert Safety Advisory Equipment firefighter, safety, polyvinyl bag, red tab
2001-09-26 30 Mile Investigation Report Safety Advisory Reports management evaluation, executive summary, entrapment, burnover, fatality
2001-08-16 Message from the Federal Fire Directors Safety Advisory Personnel risk, firefighter, public, LCES, situational awareness, communication, fire behavior
2001-08-13 Heat Intolerance from Performance Pills Safety Warning Health heat related injuries, drugs, treatments, prescription, over-the-counter
2001-06-04 National Fire Safety Summit Safety Advisory Training
2001-05-24 Firefighter Personal Hygiene Safety Advisory Health viral agent, dehydration,
2001-04-30 Six Minutes for Safety Safety Advisory Personnel federal fire and aviation safety team, program, firefighters, module leaders, fire managers, high-risk situations
2001-04-20 Fire Shelter Recall Information Safety Advisory Equipment polyvinyl case
2001-04-13 Fire Shelter Packaging Defect Safety Advisory Equipment tabs, GSA, recall
2001-04-12 Safety Alert System Safety Advisory Miscellaneous warning, advisory, bulletin