Communication Education and Prevention Committee


The Communication, Education, and Prevention Committee (CEPC) provides national leadership, support, and coordination in all areas of wildland fire education and prevention. The CEPC promotes public understanding of wildland fire through communication, education, prevention and outreach. Primary objectives include:

  • Develop education programs and tools that provide information about wildland fire ecology, management, protection and prevention.
  • Work with stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement in all areas of wildland fire communication, education, and prevention.
  • Assess the effectiveness of wildland fire communication, education, and prevention programs, products, processes, and training. Provide leadership and follow-through in developing solutions to identified weaknesses.
  • Provide subject matter expertise in communication, education, and prevention for projects, standards, guidelines, qualifications, certification, and training.
  • Collaborate with other committees when appropriate on common messaging, training and other issues.
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