Fire Environment Committee

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Mission Statement

The Fire Environment Committee (FENC) provides national leadership in measuring and predicting the wildland fire environment. The FENC develops, disseminates, and promotes national standards for fire behavior prediction, fire danger rating, and fire weather forecasting.

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  • Develop and support standards, processes, and tools for fire environment predictions.
  • Coordinate changes occurring to components of fire environment business.
  • Communicate and maintain training for advancements in tools, products, and processes.
  • Identify user needs, and support research and development efforts to address them.
  • Contribute to the standardization of information technology systems (such as FireNet, IROC, etc.) to collect and distribute data, processes, forms, and other operational elements.

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NWCG Satellite Data Task Team Report on Satellite Technology Requirements for Wildland Fire Services in the CONUS

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Tami Parkinson
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Katy O'Hara
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Monthly on the first Wednesday
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