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Interagency Fire Unmanned Aircraft Systems Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The Interagency Fire Unmanned Aircraft Systems Subcommittee (IFUASS) provides national leadership to develop and disseminate guidance on the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in wildland fire management operations.

Primary Objectives

UAS specialist monitoring data on a handheld computer screen in the field.

  • Enable safe, effective and efficient UAS operations in the wildland fire management environment by developing and disseminating comprehensive wildland fire related UAS guidance. Include standards for UAS utilization, performance, risk management, qualifications, training, and equipment.
  • Provide coordinated and unified UAS subject matter expertise to NIAC and the NWCG member agencies.
  • Serve as a focal point for interagency wildland fire UAS operational initiatives, proposals, and issues.
  • Identify and evaluate UAS related problems; develop and propose solutions.
  • Solicit input from operations and management personnel on UAS related issues.

Guidance Documents





Incident Toolbox


The Interagency UAS coordinator is available to answer questions, provide guidance, and assist with UAS ordering.  For inquiries about day-to-day operations and training, please call 208-387-5335.  More information is available at the NIFC UAS website:


Operations information is available at the NIFC UAS website including:

Aerial Ignition

UAS aerial ignition is approved for interagency use in support of wildland fire (wildfire and prescribed fire).

  • UAS aerial Ignition is conducted by authorized agency personnel in accordance with DOI, USFS, OAS, and NWCG policy/standards.
  • UAS agency aerial ignition personnel possess the UASP or UASP (T) qualification in IQCS/IROC.  They are also carded to operate the aerial ignition payload by OAS.
  • UAS aerial ignition personnel work for the FIRB or designee.
  • UAS utilized for aerial ignition are carded by OAS.
  • UAS aerial ignition payloads are developed through the IFUAS Subcommittee and Aerial Ignition Unit.
  • UAS aerial ignition is ordered through established dispatch process.  A typical order is two UASP.  Special Needs:  Aerial Ignition qualified personnel equipped with M600/Ignis 2 and kit.

CONTACT - the UAS Coordinator (fire) to discuss UAS Aerial Ignition or the ordering process. 208-387-5335.


Job Aids

Program Updates

Current UAS Fire Mission/Data Examples are available on the NIFC UAS website at

Systems and Availability

Current systems information is available on the NIFC UAS website at


The UAS Training Unit exists to serve the training and workforce development needs of the wildland fire UAS community.  When available, information on training courses will located on the Wildland Fire Learning Portal:



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