National Coordination System Committee

The National Coordination System Committee (NCSC) provides national leadership in coordination standards and procedures. The NCSC develops, disseminates, and promotes national standards for wildland fire resource mobilization/demobilization, resource statusing, incident information, and decision support.

Primary objectives include:

  • Develop and support standards, processes, and tools for efficient resource mobilization/demobilization.
  • Identify issues affecting the coordination system and development interagency solutions.
  • Coordinate with all stakeholders changes in the coordination system.
  • Provide SMEs for the NWCG training curriculum and develop employee development standards.
  • Maintain robust resource ordering, reporting and decision support systems.
  • Provide leadership and SMEs for various IT projects. Oversight of Change Management Boards and budget requests for IT projects. Products include training and User Guides for coordination programs.
Kathy Pipkin
NWCG Coordinator: 
Tim Blake
Parent Committee: 
Meeting Schedule: 
Annually in the fall
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