National Wildfire Coordinating Group

National Incident Management System Integration Committee

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Mission Statement

The National Incident Management System Integration Committee (NIMSIC) provides national leadership related to the National Incident Management System (NIMS). The NIMSIC provides guidance and expertise to the NWCG regarding the integration of NIMS, National Preparedness System, and All Hazards concepts, standards, and requirements into the development and implementation of NWCG standards, guidelines, qualifications, training, and other capabilities.

Primary Objectives

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  • Provide expertise and guidance to the Federal Emergency Management Agency National Integration Center and associated committees, work groups, and partners relative to the NWCG mission.
  • Develop internal and external partnerships to minimize redundancy and promote NIMS compliant interoperable standards between NWCG and other federal, state, tribal, territorial, local, public, and private stakeholders.
  • Establish maintain, modify, and prioritize existing and desired information and technology (IT) capability requirements related to the NIMS.
  • Contribute to the standardization of information technology systems (such as FireNet, IROC, etc.) to collect and distribute data, processes, forms, and other operational elements.


Steve Griffin and Ken Kehmna
NWCG Coordinator: 
Sarah Lee
Parent Committee: 
Meeting Schedule: 
Monthly on the fourth Tuesday
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