National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Fire Safety For Farm and Ranch (Roundup photo)

Fire Safety for Farm and Ranch. You can reduce the risk of wildfire on your property.

  • Communicate early with fire professionals to coordinate firefighting on your property.
  • Keep copies of gate keys and a written list of combinations in a known location.
  • Mow grass and trim back weeds around pastures and structures to create and maintain firebreaks.
  • Create a fuel-free space around all fuel tanks and structures. Ground all fueling nozzles to avoid sparking a fire.
  • Create a safety zone for firefighting equipment and water supply that is clear of combustible fuels.
  • Reinforce fences with metal posts.
  • Make sure wiring is grounded.
  • Check hay bale moisture content often and keep adequate fire equipment on site.
  • Use spark arresters and check for dragging metal components on all equipment.
  • Create a livestock evacuation plan.
  • Ensure proper registration and branding of livestock.
  • Have a plan for feeding livestock if grazing land is destroyed by fire.
  • Open/unlock gates so livestock can escape flames.
  • Hook up your stock trailer early and be ready for an evacuation.
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Fire Safety for Farm and Ranch, with image of cowboys rounding up cows with wildfire in background, plus tips on fire prevention.