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Standard Operating Procedures, Fire Prevention Education Team (FPET) Digital Library Reviewers

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The FPET DL is a database of wildfire prevention materials developed by FPETs and wildfire prevention professionals. Each item requires review for appropriate content and accessibility according to Section 508 standards, and approval for use by the NWCG Communication, Education and Prevention Committee (CEPC).

Procedures for Posting and Reviewing on the FPET DL

Reviewers will represent a diverse set of agencies and must be CPEC members. Four committee members will be selected to act as reviewers. CEPC member-reviewer assignment positions will be evaluated annually at the fall meeting when voting for other positions occurs.

Posting to the site:

  1. Whomever will be posting to the DL must get login access from the NWCG Webmaster.  Access must be pre-approved by a reviewer or agency representative of the CEPC.
  2. Unique items that are not already on the site or those that have an updated message should be considered for the DL. Not everything an FPET produces needs to go into the library. Please review the DL first to make sure the potential content does not already exist.
  3. Posters should review the document, FPET Digital Library How to Create Accessible PowerPoints (available from the CEPC), prior to posting.  The material that is initially posted and sent to be reviewed must be Section 508 compliant. 
  4. The poster will mark the submission Needs Review and select a reviewer. The material that is initially posted and sent to be reviewed by a CEPC member must be accessible.
  5. Items/material to be posted require a webform filled out as part of the process.


  1. Reviewers will receive a login/access from the NWCG Webmaster, when assigned this position.  Additional reviewers may receive access if CEPC and the NWCG Webmaster concur.
  2. The CEPC reviewer will ONLY check for content, uniqueness, and proper use of Smokey Bear (if utilized), etc. They will not be checking accessibility. Each item should be made accessible by the creator prior to uploading.
  3. If the material is not acceptable, the reviewer will mark the content Draft and return it to the submitter.
  4. If approved, the reviewer will mark the submission Pending Published and select the NWCG Webmaster in the workflow. The reviewer will also send an email to

NWCG Webmaster:

  1. The webmaster will check only for accessibility and approval by the reviewer.
  2. If only minor accessibility edits are needed, the Webmaster will make them and post to the DL.
  3. If major accessibility edits are needed, the Webmaster will return the content to the original submitter and mark the content Draft.  In that case, the process starts over again.




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