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NWCG Staff

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The NWCG Staff is located at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho. The NWCG Staff serves and reports to the Executive Board. The staff provides national leadership and direction to accomplish the NWCG mission.  This is primarily achieved by supporting the operations of the NWCG committees and their subgroups – the backbone of the NWCG effort.  The NWCG committees and subgroups are comprised of national leaders and subject-matter experts representing the NWCG member agencies and the various functional areas of wildland fire management.


Please use the NWCG Roster Update form to submit roster changes.

Name NWCG Role Office Phone Email Start Date
Wood, Katherine NWCG Program Manager 208-869-9482 Apr 2021
Lee, Sarah NWCG Coordinator 208-387-5745 Aug 2022
O'Hara, Katy NWCG Coordinator 208-387-5269 Nov 2020
Lamb, Erica Publications Manager 208-387-5354 Apr 2023
Falcon, Omaira Website Manager 985-294-8363 Apr 2022
Benoit, Annie Training Program Manager 208-387-5112 Mar 2019
Brooks, Robin Writer/Editor 208-387-5266 Jul 2022
Wisner, Jody Writer/Editor 208-387-5324 Jan 2022
Noneman, Rhonda Web Assistant 208-387-5263 Sep 2013
Brooks, Jennifer Admin Assistant 208-387-5506 Nov 2022
Drinkwater, Darci Admin Assistant 208-387-5699 Nov 2021
Gonzalez, Heather Supervisory Training Specialist 208-387-5314 Jul 2022
Dunn, James (Matt) Training Specialist N/A Aug 2023
Stabb, Daniel Training Specialist N/A Aug 2023
Komatz, Kathryn Training Specialist 209-628-0691 Mar 2023
Gholson, TJ Training Specialist 208-484-8878 Feb 2023
Frey, Dave Training Specialist 208-387-5149 Apr 2022
Maier, Kevin M Training Specialist 208-387-5275 Apr 2022
Harrison, Brian Training Specialist 208-387-5615 Jun 2019
Glaeser, Lori Supervisory Instructional Systems Specialist 208-387-5961 Jul 2017
Wheeler, James Instructional Systems Specialist 386-324-6141 Feb 2023
Winskie, Jonathan Instructional Systems Specialist 253-732-2779 Mar 2023
Spence, Brittany Instructional Systems Specialist N/A Mar 2023
Schindel, Mathew 'Joe' Audio Visual Production Specialist 208-387-5569 Nov 2021
Touchette, Rhiannon Audio Visual Production Specialist 208-387-5177 Aug 2023
Gaskill, Steven Audio Visual Production Specialist 208-387-5201 Sep 2019
Thomason, Carmen Acting NWCG Coordinator 307-775-6020 May 2023
Jackson, Colby Assistant Training Program Manager 208-387-5328 Oct 2017
Suminski, Toni NWCG IPTM Project Manager 480-338-6307 Jun 2023


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