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Training catalog will migrate to the Wildland Fire Learning Portal

In November 2023, the training catalog will be migrated from the NWCG website to the Wildland Fire Learning Portal (WFLP) as part of a streamlining and process improvement effort. This will first occur for all training that is required for positions, followed by training that has been recommended for positions.

NWCG training supports position performance for personnel mobilized to wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents.

Training by category:

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# Title Steward Required For Certification Date (Update Date) Primary Committee Key Words Nid
D-110 Expanded Dispatch Recorder NCSC 2023-05 NCSC 21902
D-310 Expanded Dispatch Support Dispatcher NCSC 2016-04 NCSC Pre-course work 21408
D-311 Initial Attack Dispatcher NCSC 2005-05 NCSC 21980
D-312 Aircraft Dispatcher NCSC 2009-06 NCSC Pre-course work 21409
D-510 Expanded Dispatch Supervisory Dispatcher D510CSC N/A NCSC 21903
FI-110 Wildland Fire Observations & Origin Scene Protection for First Responders WFISC 2021-05 CEPC 22083
FI-210 Wildland Fire Origin & Cause Determination WFISC INVF 2016-04 CEPC Pre-course work 21410
FI-310 Wildland Fire Investigation: Case Development WFISC INTM 2011-12 CEPC 22082
G-131 Wildland Training (FFT1) for Structural Firefighters IOSC N/A IPSC 22085
G-231 Wildland Training (ENGB) for Structural Firefighters IOSC N/A IPSC 22084
G-330 Wildland Training (STEN) for Structural Firefighters IOSC N/A IPSC 22086
L-180 Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service LC FFT2, IADP, PIO3, STAM 2008-09 LC Online course work 21376
L-280 Followership to Leadership LC 2008-10 LC Pre-course work 21411
L-380 Fireline Leadership LC 2021-08 LC 21920
L-381 Incident Leadership LC 2022-07 LC 21958
L-480 Organizational Leadership in the Wildland Fire Service LC N/A LC 22080
L-481 Advanced Leadership for Command and General Staff LC FSC2, ICT2, LSC2, OSC2, PIO2, PSC2, SOF2 2015-05 LC 21895
L-580 Leadership is Action LC N/A LC 22077
M-410 Facilitative Instructor TDC 2013-03 IPSC Pre-course work 21412
M-580 Fire in Ecosystem Management FMC N/A FMC 21915
M-581 Fire Program Management, An Overview M581CSC N/A EB 21403
M-582 Fire Program Management, Leading Complex Fire Programs M582CSC N/A EB 23352
P-101 Fire Prevention Education 1 CEPC 2006-12 CEPC 21916
P-301 Fire Prevention Education 2 CEPC 2010-08 CEPC 21917
P-310 Fire Prevention Education Team Member FPETSC 2006-12 CEPC 21919
P-410 Fire Prevention Education Team Leader FPETSC 2008-01 CEPC 21918
PSM-001 How to Correctly Fill Out the Crew Time Report, SF 261 IBC N/A IBC 25023
PSM-002 How to Correctly Fill Out The Emergency Equipment Use Invoice, OF-286 IBC N/A IBC 25024
PSM-003 How To Correctly Fill Out The Incident Time Report, OF-288 IBC N/A IBC 25715
PSM-004 How To Correctly Fill Out The Emergency Equipment Shift Ticket, OF-297 IBC N/A IBC 25025
PSM-005 How to Calculate Equipment Breakdown Rates IBC N/A IBC 25027
PSM-006 How to Properly Complete a Property Loss or Damage Report, OF-289 IBC N/A IBC 27721
PSM-007 How to Complete Office of Workers' Compensation Program (OWCP) Paperwork for Injuries and Illnesses on an Incident IBC N/A IBC 27722
RT-273 Single Engine Air Tanker Manager Workshop SEATB SEMG-Triennial N/A NIAC 23353
RT-300 Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Refresher FMC N/A FMC 23354
RT-340 HRSP Refresher Workshop HRSPU HRSP-Triennial N/A IPS 23355
RT-341 GIS Specialist for Incident Management Annual Refresher GCMU N/A DMC RT-341, GIS Specialist for Incident Management Annual Refresher, GISS, S-341, GIS Specialist for Incident Management 26616
RT-372 Helicopter Manager Workshop IHOPS HMGB-Triennial N/A NIAC 23356
RT-373 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Incident Operations Refresher IFUASS UASL-Triennial, UASM-Triennial, UASP-Triennial N/A NIAC 23357
RT-378 Air Tactical Group Supervisor Refresher IASS ATGS-Triennial N/A NIAC 23359
RX-301 Prescribed Fire Implementation FMC 2009-04 FMC Pre-course work 21413
RX-310 Introduction to Fire Effects FMC 2017-06 FMC Pre-course work 20121
RX-341 Prescribed Fire Plan Preparation FMC 2009-06 FMC Pre-course work 21414
RX-410 Smoke Management Techniques SmoC 2003-09 SmoC Pre-course work 21415
RX-510 Advanced Fire Effects FMC N/A FMC 21893
S-110 Basic Wildland Fire Orientation IOSC PIOT 2014-01 IPSC Online course work 21378
S-130 Firefighter Training IOSC FFT2, IADP, PIO3, STAM 2021-11 IPSC Blended course work 24775
S-131 Firefighter Type 1 Training IOSC FFT1, ICT5 2016-10 (2020-11) IPSC 23202
S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior FBCMU FFT2, IADP, PIO3, STAM 2020-02 FENC Online course work 21384
S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander IPSC ICT4 2006-12 IPSC Pre-course work 20120
S-203 Introduction to Incident Information PIOSC PIO3 2008-01 CEPC Pre-course work 21416
S-211 Portable Pumps and Water Use IOSC 2012-03 IPSC 21372
S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws HTTFS FAL3 2012-12 RMC Pre-course work 21417
S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface IOSC STCR, STEN, STEQ, TFLD 2013-06 IPSC 21914
S-219 Firing Operations FMC 2014-08 FMC Blended course work 21404
S-230 Crew Boss (Single Resource) IOSC CRWB, FELB, FIRB, ENGB, HEQB, HMGB 2004-11 IPSC Blended course work, Pre-course work 19870
S-231 Engine Boss (Single Resource) IOSC 2012-01 IPSC Blended course work 21405
S-236 Heavy Equipment Boss (Single Resource) IOSC 2013-06 IPSC Pre-course work 21418
S-244 Field Observer IPS 2007-07 IPSC Pre-course work 21420
S-245 Display Processor IPS 2007-07 IPSC Pre-course work 21421
S-248 Status/Check-in Recorder IPS 2006-06 IPSC 22081
S-258 Incident Communications Technician ILSC 2002-02 IPSC 21956
S-260 Interagency Incident Business Management IBC ATBM, FWBM 2005-06 IBC Online course work 20492
S-261 Applied Interagency Incident Business Management IBC 2014-08 IBC 21898
S-262 Incident Contractor Project Inspector IBC 2016-10 IBC 21957
S-270 Basic Air Operations IHOPS MXMS, RAMP, SEMG 2011-03 NIAC Pre-course work 20119
S-271 Helicopter Crewmember IHOPS HECM 2010-12 NIAC 21924
S-273 Single Engine Airtanker Manager IABS SEMG 2011-08 NIAC Blended course work 21406
S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior FBCMU CRWB, ENGB, FELB, FEMO, FIRB, HEQB, HMGB 2010-10 FENC Online course work, Pre-course work 21401
S-300 Extended Attack Incident Commander IPSC ICT3 2008-03 IPSC Pre-course work 21422
S-330 Task Force/Strike Team Leader IOSC STCR, STEN, STEQ, TFLD 2014-09 IPSC Pre-course work 21423
S-339 Division/Group Supervisor IOSC DIVS 2015-09 IPSC Pre-course work 21424
S-340 Human Resource Specialist HRSPU HRSP 2011-06 IPSC 21926
S-341 GIS Specialist for Incident Management GCMU 2019-07 DMC 21923
S-354 Facilities Unit Leader ILSC 2009-02 IPSC 21913
S-355 Ground Support Unit Leader ILSC 2000-10 IPSC 21954
S-357 Food Unit Leader ILSC FDUL 2008-10 IPSC Pre-course work 21425
S-358 Communications Unit Leader ILSC 2008-12 IPSC 21901
S-359 Medical Unit Leader IMUS MEDL 2000-03 EMC 22078
S-371 Helibase Manager IHOPS HEBM 2007-03 NIAC Pre-course work 21426
S-372 Helicopter Management IHOPS HMGB 2009-03 NIAC pre-course work 21925
S-373 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Incident Operations IFUASS UASP 2018-06 NIAC 23361
S-375 Air Support Group Supervisor NIAC 2006-08 NIAC Pre-course work 21427
S-378 Aerial Supervision IASS ATGS, HLCO 2009-02 NIAC Pre-course work 21428
S-390 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations FBCMU DIVS, ICT3, LTAN, RXB2 2007-02 FENC Pre-course work 21435
S-404 Safety Officer RMC 2013-03 RMC Pre-course work 21436
S-420 Command & General Staff IPSC FSC2, ICT2, LSC2, OSC2, PIO2, PSC2, SOF2 2020-07 IPSC 21437
S-430 Operations Section Chief IOSC 2006-02 IPSC 22079
S-440 Planning Section Chief IPS 2001-10 IPSC Pre-course work 21438
S-443 Infrared Interpreter for Incident Management S443CSC N/A DMC 21959
S-445 Incident Training Specialist IPS 2009-04 IPSC Pre-course work 21439
S-470 Air Operations Branch Director NIAC AOBD 2013-08 NIAC Pre-course work 21440
S-481 Incident Business Advisor IBC 2014-08 IBC 21955
S-482 Strategic Operational Planning FMC SOPL 2015-06 FMC Blended course work 21407
S-490 Advanced Fire Behavior Calculations FBCMU FBAN, LTAN, RXB1 2010-08 FENC Pre-course work 21441
S-491 Intermediate National Fire Danger Rating System S491CSC LTAN 2015-01 FENC 22073
S-495 Geospatial Fire Analysis, Interpretation and Application S495CSC LTAN N/A FENC 21922
S-520 Advanced Incident Management S520S620CSC FSC1, ICT1, LSC1, OSC1, PIO1, PSC1, SOF1 N/A IPSC 21894
S-590 Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation S590CSC FBAN, LTAN N/A FENC 21892
S-591 Advanced National Fire Danger Rating System S591CSC N/A FENC 24969
S-620 Area Command S520S620CSC ACAC, ACDR, ACLC, ACPC N/A IPSC 21900
X-900 Investigation of Powerline Caused Widland Fires WFISC 2013-04 CEPC 22074
X-901 Firefighter Math FBCMU N/A FENC 24877
X-902 Investigating Railroad Caused Wildfires WFISC N/A CEPC 24878
X-903 Mountain Flying Training NIAC 2013 NIAC 24879
X-904 Working with ESF 4 on Stafford Act Incidents Command And General Staff NIMSIC N/A NIMSIC 24880
X-905 Working with ESF 4 on Stafford Act Incidents Incident Resources NIMSIC N/A NIMSIC 24881