Area Command Aviation Coordinator, ACAC

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Incident Positions
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  • Coordinates with local unit(s) aviation managers, dispatch centers, and aviation facility managers.
  • Monitors incident(s) aviation cost, efficiency, and safety. Ensures agency rules, regulations, and safety procedures are followed.
  • Provides incidents, local Initial Attack forces and other interested parties with an area aviation plan that outlines Area Command aviation procedures and specifics of the area aviation operation.
  • Allocates air and ground-based aviation resources according to Area Command priorities and objectives.
  • Ensures inter-incident movement of aircraft is planned and coordinated.
  • Coordinates with local and adjacent initial attack aircraft bases and local dispatch to ensure that procedures for transiting incident area and corridors are in place. Ensures flight following procedures, entry/exit routes and corridors, hazards, frequencies and incident air space are known to all affected.
  • Coordinates with incident Air Operations Branch Directors, dispatch, FAA, DID, and local aviation authorities and administrators to ensure that Temporary Flight Restrictions are in place, coordinated, and do not overlap. Ensures that potential risks of operation on, near, or within Military Training Routes and Special Use Airspace have been mitigated.
  • Ensures that a process in place for timely transmittal of incident reports and oversees the process to ensure corrective action is taken.
  • Coordinates with incident, dispatch, and coordination centers to determine availability and status of committed and uncommitted aviation resources, and to give status reports and situation appraisals for aviation assets and resources.
  • Coordinates with incident Air Operations Branch Directors, Communication Unitl Leaders, frequency coordinators, coordination centers and initial attack dispatch to establish coordinated aviation communications plans to ensure aviation frequency management.
  • Coordinates and manages aviation program and operations if aviation assets are assigned to Area Command.
  • Coordinates the scheduling and movement of aviation safety assistance teams among incidents.
  • Assists incidents by coordinating with Contracting Officers, local aviation managers, and vendors concerning a variety of issues (fueling, contract modifications, contract extensions, etc.).
  • Coordinates with military officials and agency representative concerning the assignment, utilization, status, and disposition of military aviation assets.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Area Command S-620
  • Satisfactory performance as an Air Operations Branch Director on a National Type 1 IMT and
  • Satisfactory position performance as an Area Command Aviation Coordinator on a wildland fire incident.
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