Aerial Observer, AOBS

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Incident Positions
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  • Makes initial evaluation of fire situations, determines rate of spread, potential hazards to property and other improvements.
  • Obtain briefing from work supervisor.
  • Obtain materials, transportation and communications.
  • Perform general field observations and maintain field map.
  • Report hazardous situations.
  • Monitor and record weather conditions.
  • Monitor incident situation
  • Report field data.
  • Map and overlay production.
  • Attend planning meetings.
  • Maintain incident history on maps and narratives as required.
  • Prepare ICS Form 209, Incident Status Summary.
  • Provide documentation of situation unit activities.
  • Confirm demobilization instructions with supervisor.

Position Needs (from FS 5109.17 Handbook):

  • I-100, Introduction to ICS
  • S-110, Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation for Non-Operations Personnel
  • S-130, Basic Firefighter
  • S-270, Basic Air Operations
  • A-101, Aviation Safety
  • A-102, Fixed Wing Safety
  • A-105, Aviation Life support Equipment
  • A-106, Aviation Mishap Reporting
  • A-107, Aviation Policy and Regulations I
  • A-109, Aviation Radio Use
  • A-113, Crash Survival
  • Qualified radio operator
  • ICT4 or FOBS
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