Burned Area Emergency Response Team Leader, BAEL

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Incident Positions
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Coordination & Support
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The purpose of the Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) assessment is to quickly assess the additional risks to people and resources triggered by a fire to determine if emergency preventative or mitigative measures are needed.  The BAER Assessment Team Leader has overall responsibility for the collection, assessment, dissemination and use of information about the post-fire emergency situation and treatment alternatives.  The BAER Assessment Team Leader works directly for the Agency Administrator and supervises an interdisciplinary assessment team consisting of 3 to 30+ people, depending on complexity of the situation.


  • Obtains briefing from agency administrator.
  • Determines strategy for conducting the assessment and establish action priorities.
  • Develops an Incident Action Plan which includes job hazard analyzes and safety plan, organization, equipment needs, communications, and plans for demobilization.
  • Establishes appropriate organization to efficiently and effectively conduct BAER assessment.
  • Obtains personnel and support resources (work space, vehicles, communication equipment, computer hardware, food & lodging for incumbents, maps, imagery (BARC map) etc).
  • Conducts daily planning meetings.
  • Maintains open communication with agency administrator and fire suppression IC organization.
  • Leads assessment team in identifying BAER critical values, evaluating risk and developing potential treatment measures.
  • Briefs agency administrator on recommended treatment measures and secure approval.
  • Prepares and submits an acceptable Emergency Stabilization Plan and Burned Area Report within seven-day timeframe.  This includes description of emergency situation(s), prescribed treatment measures and specifications, and proposed effectiveness monitoring plan.
  • Keeps an accurate accounting of all costs associated with burned area survey.
  • Provides detailed records of burned area survey to those responsible for implementing proposed treatments.
  • Coordinates with adjacent landowners and other agency officials regarding post-fire emergency response.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Interpersonal skills to communicate verbally and in writing with local and state officials.
  • Knowledge of emergency stabilization program policy and objectives, completion of FS of Interagency BAER team leader course and/or prior experience as a BAER assessment team leader.
  • When fire is uncontained – work capacity fitness level of light, annual fire line safety refresher, S-190, S-130, communications and radio training.
  • IS-700 NIMS:  An Introduction.
  • IS-800 National Response Plan.
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