Cache Demob Specialist, CDSP

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Incident Positions
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Obtains a briefing from the Logistics Section Chief of each incident in the area to which individual is assigned. Several incidents may be assigned at one time. Individual will travel between them and coordinate the demobilization of equipment / supplies.

  • Provides for the safety and welfare of assigned personnel to the incident.
  • Establishes and maintains positive internal and external interpersonal working relationships.
  • Sets up secure area for staging and packaging equipment and supplies.
  • Provides supervision and direction for packaging, loading, and documentation of equipment and supplies.
  • Provides documentation and notification when shipment is ready to move.
  • Demobilizes all incident cache supplies and equipment.
  • Qualified forklift operator.
  • Coordinates with local unit to ensure the return of their supplies and equipment issued to the incident.
  • Coordinates with SPUL and RCDM on the demobilization process.
  • Communicates with national cache system to ensure return of supplies and equipment to the appropriate cache (may not be the closest or the one within the Geographic Area).
  • Ensures a safe area is provided for hazardous materials, handling fuel and purging equipment.
  • Sets up safe and efficient areas for sorting materials, hose rolling, and other demobilization activities.
  • Stages trailers and trucks for ease in loading equipment and supplies.
  • Establishes process for packaging and labeling returning supplies.
  • Oversees the actual loading and distribution process.
  • Seats trailer / truck and provide appropriate documentation for each load (Interagency Incident Waybills).
  • Ensures that requirements of 49 CFR Parts 171 – 180 are exercised (hazardous materials regulations).
  • Assists with completion of all required Property Loss and Damage forms.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Extensive knowledge of DOT requirements for ground and IATA (for hazardous materials).
  • Working knowledge of ICS and function of all units under Logistics Section.
  • Working knowledge of load and balance requirements for ground and air transportation (aircraft and heavy tractor/trailers).
  • Good understanding of shipping requirements of different equipment, hazardous materials and supplies.
  • Knowledge of national cache system requirements and locations of caches.
  • NO NWCG classes are required.
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