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Contract Representative Northwest, CRNW

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Incident Positions
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When contract resources are ordered for an incident, it is the responsibility of the incident to determine if a Contract Representative Northwest (CRNW) is needed.

The CRNW will normally report to and be responsible to the Procurement Unit Leader (PROC), or Finance Section Chief if the PROC is unavailable.  In situations where the PROC and FSC are not present, the CRNW will report to and is responsible to the Incident Commander.


  • Checks in with and receives incident briefing from Supervisor.
  • Establishes clear lines of communications with supervisor, the contractors, and other appropriate Incident Management Team personnel
  • Attends daily shift briefings.
  • Assists incident personnel with clarification of the agreement specifications, clarification of payment procedures and interpretations of actual time worked.
  • Assists appropriate incident management personnel in the incident inspection of contractors.
  • Maintains an up to date Unit Log (ICS Form 214).
  • Assists supervisor to resolve disagreements in interpretations relating to agreement/contract language.
  • Documents and reports agreement/contract non-compliance to supervisor.
  • Keeps supervisor and appropriate Incident Management Team personnel advised of significant problems as they develop.
  • Assures that a performance rating is completed for each contractor on the incident and obtains a copy of all performance ratings for the official file (Incident File and Contracting Officer file).
  • At the time of the incident (or assignment) forwards copies of the summary document (based on information contained in the Unit Logs), performance ratings and all relevant document to the contracting Officer who signed the agreement/contract.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • CRNW course
  • Agreement/contract training
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