Engine Operator, ENOP

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Incident Positions
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  • Drives engine to fire locations.
  • Performs or directs others in starting pump engine, priming pump, adjusting engine speed and pump valves, laying hose, appropriate nozzle use, effective use of water and additives.
  • Inspects, checks, services and adjusts the pump, hose lays, tank and reels for equipment readiness.
  • Inspects and services hand fire tools.
  • Identifies capability of engine and assigned personnel.
  • Coordinates and communicates with adjacent forces.
  • Locates and maps water sources.
  • Identifies and corrects performance deficiencies.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements (from FSH 5109.17)

  • Qualified FFT1
  • Satisfactory performance and ENOP Trainee.
  • May include attendance at the Geographic Area Engine Academy.
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