Helibase Manager Type 1 (6 or more helicopters), HEB1

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Incident Positions
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  • Obtains initial information from dispatch, agency briefing, and supervisor: incident objectives, operations strategy, number and type of helicopters on location or ordered.
  • Establishes helibase: site selection, identify hazards, identify land ownership, and identify communications needs.
  • Identifies organization necessary to manage expected resources.
  • Orders additional aircraft if required by operations group’s tactics.
  • Participates in air operations planning.
  • Prepares resource capability chart.
  • Receives and responds to special requests for logistical and tactical missions.
  • Completes daily review of staffing requirements and reassigns, orders, or demobilizes.
  • Establishes and maintains helibase log.
  • Identifies, inspects, approves and number all helispots. Arranges for construction. Considers limitations by type or mission and HIGE (hover in ground effect)/HOGE (hover out of ground effect).
  • Obtains needed radios.
  • Establishes and monitors dip sites.
  • Develops and posts Medivac Plan.
  • Develops and posts Crash Rescue Plan.
  • Establishes flight following procedures.
  • Identifies flight hazards (wires, cables, local wind, weather phenomena, etc.).
  • Establishes fueling site and procedures.
  • Posts Incident Action Plan (IAP).
  • Establishes traffic pattern for aircraft and vehicles.
  • Checks helitack crewmember qualifications.
  • Develops helibase layout.
  • Ensures duty limitations and day off schedules are adhered to.
  • Provides all required safety equipment.
  • Provides fiscal accountability.
  • Completes daily cost summaries for aircraft and equipment (water trucks, fuels tenders, and other rental equipment).
  • Reviews and approves crew time reports.
  • Provides input for Air Operations Summary (aircraft availability, number of aircraft by type, hours flown, etc.).
  • Shares information on helibase activities, maintenance schedules, breakdowns, etc.
  • Establishes ordering procedures with helibase resources.
  • Provides flight following
  • Supports tactical missions.
  • Provides for airspace coordination.
  • Coordinates with other functional bases.
  • Coordinates with supply unit.
  • Coordinates with ground support unit.
  • Coordinates with finance function.
  • Receives mission priorities and develop schedule based upon IAP.
  • Inspects, approves, and numbers helispots (location, limitations as to type of aircraft).
  • Reviews and implements helibase checklist (medivac plan, crash rescue plan, flight following, flight hazards, communication plan, helibase layout, orders sanitation facilities, provides safety equipment, etc.).
  • Briefs and debriefs aircrews and helitack.
  • Checks pilot aircraft cards, helitack crewmembers qualifications.
  • Establishes approach/departure paths for aircraft.
  • Checks load calculations for accuracy, completeness, and currency.
  • Coordinates with ASGS on input to Air Operations Summary, mission objectives/priorities, and maintenance schedules/breakdowns.
  • Coordinates with ATGS on flight following and support to tactical missions.
  • Manages resource/supplies dispatched to helibase.
  • Insures helibase is posted and cordoned.
  • Manages retardant mixing and loading operations.
  • Insures helicopter fueling, maintenance, and repair services are provided.
  • Insures dust abatement is provided and used at helibase/helispots.
  • Insures security is provided at each helibase/helispots.
  • Span of control involves 4 or more helicopters.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Qualified Helibase Manager Type 2.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely.


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