MAC Group Coordinator, MCCO

Position Category: 
Incident Positions
Position Code: 
Functional Area: 
Coordination & Support
AD Class: 


  • Serves as facilitator in organizing and accomplishing the mission, goals, and direction of the MAC group.
  • Provides expertise on the functions of a MAC organization and the proper relationships with dispatch centers and incidents.
  • Coordinates with GACC Intelligence sections to assure that required information is being provided to the MAC Group with the timeframes specified.
  • Arranges for and manages facilities and equipment necessary to carry out the MAC Group functions.
  • Assists the MAC Group decision process by facilitation of the group’s conference calls and/or meetings.
  • Implements decisions made by the MAC Group.
  • Receives, reviews, distributes, and implements National MAC decisions to agency representatives.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Highly skilled in incident management and NIIMS.
  • Experience in an Area or Zone Coordination Center, or as Planning Section Chief and/or completion of the National MAC training is desirable.


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