Packer, PACK

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Incident Positions
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Functional Area: 
Coordination & Support
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  • Packs supplies/equipment to backcountry locations by horse or mule.
  • Loads animals in various types of vehicles for transport.
  • Packages and transports, supplies/equipment such as foodstuff, water, salt, hand tools, sleeping bags, crew gear, etc.
  • Loads and hitches packaged supplies and equipment onto the pack animals, balances and adjust side packs, and ensures that packsaddles or side packs are not rubbing or otherwise in position to cause injury to the pack animal or cargo.
  • Provides full handling and care of stock which includes the normal functions of grooming, shoeing, feeding, and watering, and in addition cares of the medical needs of assigned stock which involves the “doctoring” of sick and injured animals for minor medical needs such as bruises, cuts, sores, etc.
  • Maintains pack equipment in good repair (e.g. ropes, halters, pack and riding saddles, cargo boxes, manties, harness, lead, pigtails, sling, and cargo ropes).
  • Splices and weaves new rope accessories needed in packing assignments.
  • Leads pack animals over best route in rugged mountainous terrain to reach the assigned destination without injury to cargo or stock.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Skilled in riding animals and leading pack animals.
  • Knowledge of basic animal medical care.
  • Skill in backcountry animal packing (loads, hitches, etc.).
  • Skill in pack and stock care/wrangling.


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