NWCG memos from the past five years are displayed and available below. Older memos can be referenced in the Memo Log at Those memos can be obtained by emailing the NWCG Executive Secretary with your request.

The five categories for Memo Status include:
  • Current - up to date (life span of a current memo is five years at which time it will have to be reissued, archived or rescinded).
  • Under Review - staff is reviewing status with responsible group to determine whether to reissue, archive or rescind.
  • Archived - no longer relevant, out of date (typically older than five years).
  • Rescinded - revoked, cancelled or repealed (typically when content becomes erroneous).
  • Reissued - replaced with a current memo reissuing the same guidance.

Memo Subject Date Memo # Status

Implementation of EMS License & Credential Expiration Dates within the Incident Qualification and Certification System (IQCS)

2016-12-20 16-028 Current

Wildland Fire Information and Technology (WFIT) program assistance request: Interagency Data Cache Concept

2016-11-09 16-027 Current

NWCG Budget Guidance FY2018

2016-11-01 16-026 Current

Wildland Fire Information and Technology (WFIT) program assistance request: Incident Complexes and Merged Wildfires

2016-10-25 16-025 Current

NWCG Data Management Standards for Incident Complexes and Merged Wildfires 

2016-10-25 16-024 Current

Changes to S-520 Advanced Incident Management Course

2016-10-06 16-023 Current

Release of October 2016 Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide (PMS 310-1)

2016-09-30 16-022 Current

Transition plan for upcoming changes to Staging Area Manager (STAM) required training

2016-09-30 16-021 Current

Comment Period Extension: Solicitation of comments on draft revisions to the NWCG Prescribed Fire Complexity Rating System Guide (PMS 424)

2016-09-23 16-020 Current

Update on revisions to the National Fire Danger Rating System

2016-09-07 16-019 Current

National Weather Service (NWS) Spot Forecast

2016-08-30 16-018 Current

Steps for Safe Chainsaw Fuel Handling

2016-08-19 16-017 Current

Transition Plan for upcoming changes to national mobilization requirements for Type 3 general staff positions (memo replaced by memo #18-002)

2016-07-29 16-016 Rescinded

Transition plan for upcoming changes to Compensation Unit Leader (COMP) position requirements

2016-07-29 16-015 Current

Solicitation of comments on draft revisions on the NWCG Prescribed Fire Complexity Rating Systems Guide (PMS 424)

2016-06-17 16-014 Current

NWCG "Wildland Firefighter Week of Remembrance"

2016-06-16 16-013 Current

2016 Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide (PMS 510) Release

2016-06-07 16-012 Current

NWCG Standards and Best Practices for Incident Rental Vehicles

2016-05-13 16-011 Current

NWCG Supplemental Food Drink and Guidance

2016-05-13 16-010 Rescinded

Update to NWCG Guidance on Incident Records

2016-05-13 16-009 Current

2016 Interagency Aerial Supervision Guide (PMS 505) Release

2016 HLCO/ATGS Position Task Book (PMS 311-18) Release

2016-04-21 16-008 Current

FEMA National Incident Management System (NIMS) Refresh

2016-04-15 16-007 Current

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Incursion Protocol for Wildland Firefighters

2016-04-14 16-006 Current

2016 Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook (PMS 902) Release

2016-03-25 16-005 Current

Errata to the Wildland Fire Incident Management Field Guide (PMS 210) Update to Minimum Crew Standards for National Mobilization

2016-03-23 16-004 Current

Issuance of Revised Optional Forms OF-288 and OF-296

2016-03-18 16-003 Current

NWCG Budget Guidance FY 2017

2016-02-23 16-002 Current

Removal of Spanish Versions of S-130 Firefighter Training and S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior from the NWCG Curriculum

2016-01-27 16-001 Current