Executive Board Correspondence



NWCG memos from the past five years are displayed and available below. Older memos can be referenced in the Memo Log at https://www.nwcg.gov/executive-board/correspondence/memo.csv. Those memos can be obtained by emailing the NWCG Executive Secretary with your request.

The five categories for Memo Status include:

  • Current - up to date (life span of a current memo is five years at which time it will have to be reissued, archived or rescinded).
  • Under Review - staff is reviewing status with responsible group to determine whether to reissue, archive or rescind.
  • Archived - no longer relevant, out of date (typically older than five years).
  • Rescinded - revoked, cancelled or repealed (typically when content becomes erroneous).
  • Reissued - replaced with a current memo reissuing the same guidance.