National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Executive Board Correspondence



NWCG memos from the past five years are displayed and available below. Older memos can be referenced in the Memo Log at Those memos can be obtained by emailing the NWCG Executive Secretary with your request.

The five categories for Memo Status include:

  • Current - up to date (life span of a current memo is five years at which time it will have to be reissued, archived or rescinded).
  • Under Review - staff is reviewing status with responsible group to determine whether to reissue, archive or rescind.
  • Archived - no longer relevant, out of date (typically older than five years).
  • Rescinded - revoked, cancelled or repealed (typically when content becomes erroneous).
  • Reissued - replaced with a current memo reissuing the same guidance.

Memo Subject Date Memo # Status

NWCG Course Development, Delivery, and Content Ownership

2017-10-23 17-007 Archived