Small Engine Mechanic, SMEC

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Incident Positions
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Small Engine Mechanic is a position that is hired at an Incident Support Cache to provide overall support to the National Incident Support Cache (NISC) system.


  • Provides repair and maintenance on specialized gasoline powered equipment such as portable fire pumps, generators, chainsaws, hose rollers, and various motorized equipment utilized in the warehouse operations.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Must have knowledge of small engine repair principles and theory to perform testing and troubleshooting of engine components.
  • Must have skill and knowledge in the use of testing and repair equipment to measure close tolerances, clearances and specifications.
  • Must be skilled and proficient in the use of various technical manuals, trouble shooting guides, illustrations and testing equipment that are used for references covering the complete repair of all equipment to insure compliances with all appropriate specifications.
  • Should have a working knowledge of a wide range of machine, wielding shop tools and equipment.
  • Work is assigned through oral instruction or work orders and is performed independently; however the supervisor is available for clarification and does assist in decisions involving cost effectiveness on doing repairs.


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