Fire Danger Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The Fire Danger Subcommittee (FDSC) provides national leadership to advance fire danger rating in support of effective fire management decision-making.

Primary Objectives

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  • Establish and maintain standards and procedures for fire danger rating, including those for Fire Danger Operating Plans and Fire Danger PocketCards.
  • Provide leadership in the National Fire Danger Rating System and associated decision support applications, including Weather Information Management System, FireFamily Plus, and the Wildland Fire Assessment System.

National Fire Danger Rating System 2016

NWCG Memo 20-006:  Update to the NWCG National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) 2016 Rollout and Transition Plan

NFDRS 2016 Rollout Information

At the September 17th 2014 NWCG Executive Board meeting, three updates to the United States National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) were approved. 

  1. Incorporate the Growing Season Index (GSI) to compute live fuel moistures;
  2. Incorporate the Nelson Model to compute fine dead fuel moisture; and
  3. Reduce the number of fuel models in the NFDRS. 

View a PowerPoint presentation narrated by the Fire Danger Subcommittee Chair Jon Wallace; developed to explain the case for change to the NFDRS.


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