National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Geospatial Curriculum Management Unit

Smoke rolling over mountains. Two inset photos, one of firefighter taking a weather reading using hand held instruments, the other of a man sitting in front of computer screens reading weather data. Decorative.

Mission Statement

The Geospatial Curriculum Management Unit (GCMU) provides leadership and technical expertise to the Geospatial Subcommittee to support Geographic Information System (GIS)-related NWCG training.

Primary Objectives

A detailed geospatial data fire map. Decorative.

  • Develop and maintain the S-341, GIS Specialist for Incident Management training course based on the geospatial data standards and the GISS Incident Position Descriptions (IPD).
  • Provide input on geospatial data standards.
  • Engage with the NWCG Training Program on the training design process.
  • Assist with the development of job aids, continuing education, and other position performance support tools.
  • Coordinate course delivery with the Geographic Area Training Representatives (GATRs).
  • Coordinate with other NWCG subgroups to provide input on training containing geospatial content.



Kathie Hansen
NWCG Coordinator: 
Katy O'Hara
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