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Geospatial Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The Geospatial Subcommittee (GSC) provides national leadership for the integration of geospatial information, technology, and systems into all phases of wildland fire management. This includes the development and promotion of standards and tools; trusted data to support wildland fire operations; training; the development of geospatial capability in the field; and providing geospatial expertise to other wildland fire lines of business.

Primary Objectives

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  • Define, promote, and recommend the use of NWCG standards-based interagency datasets, both current and historic. Develop processes for combining agency datasets to build interagency datasets.
  • Develop requirements for centralized acquisition, storage, and delivery of trusted interagency geospatial datasets, including governance, quality control, access, and maintenance of included data.
  • Provide a platform for the development, revision, review and adoption of the NWCG Standards for Geospatial Operations, PMS 936, the NWCG GISS Workflow, PMS 936-1, and geospatial data standards to enable wildland fire geospatial data to achieve broad usage throughout the interagency community. Identify gaps in standards and propose solutions. Promote the use of interagency standards within wildland fire applications.
  • Identify common GIS training needs and resources, and plan or make recommendations for the development and presentation of training in cooperation with other groups, programs, or agencies in the wildland fire community.
  • Establish and regularly update wildland fire incident position standards related to GISS and IRIN. This includes incident position descriptions and position requirements for training, experience, physical fitness, and position currency.

Guidance Documents

Standard Templates, Tools, and References

We have collected a variety of tools, documents, and other resources can be downloaded from this page to assist the GISS on an incident. Please provide any suggestions for page content to your GSC representative.

Job Aids and Reference Information

Wildfire Response GIS Group in the Esri Community

You are invited to join the Wildfire Response GIS group in the Esri Community (formerly GeoNet)! This is a place to ask questions, get updates from the NIFC ArcGIS Online Organization Admins, and connect with your Fire GIS colleagues.  It is a private group, which means the content is not searchable by the public and is only accessible to members of the group.

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