Helicopter Short Haul Unit

HSHU header graphic. photos of wildland firefighters on hoist lines, while pilots and crew look out of helicopters to assess short-haul operations. Decorative.

Mission Statement

The Helicopter Short-Haul Unit (HSHU) provides national leadership in helicopter short-haul operations for the NWCG member agencies. The HSHU promotes and enables safe, effective, and standardized short-haul operations.

wildland firefighter short haul crew ready a basket carrying a person for transport. Decorative
  • Promote and enable compliance with the Helicopter Short-Haul Handbook (351 DM 1).
  • Identify, discuss, and evaluate best practices and lessons learned with short-haul operations (procedures, equipment, standards, safety).
  • Disseminate information and recommended actions to participating agencies.
  • Forward program recommendations to NWCG Interagency Helicopter Operations Subcommittee (IHOPS).
  • Coordinate review and revision to the Helicopter Short-Haul Handbook (351 DM 1).
  • Provide assistance with the development of new short-haul programs.
  • Compile annual training and operational statistics for helicopter short-haul programs.

photo of a helicopter short haul operation transporting cargo on a long line through steep terrain.. Decorative.



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