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Helicopter Short Haul Unit

HSHU header graphic.   photos of wildland firefighters on hoist lines, while pilots and crew look out of helicopters to assess short-haul operations. Decorative.

Mission Statement

The Helicopter Short-Haul Unit (HSHU) is comprised of subject matter experts from participating agencies such as the United States Forest Service (USFS) and National Park Service (NPS) who assist IHOpS to enhance safety, effectiveness, and efficiency in helicopter short-haul operations.

Primary Objectives

wildland firefighter short haul crew ready a basket carrying a person for transport. Decorative

  • Exchange of best practices between partner agencies for safe short-haul operations, seeking commonalities.
  • Uphold safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of helicopter short-haul operations in support of achieving incident and resource management objectives. 
  • Provide assistance with the development of new short-haul programs.
  • Compile annual training and operational statistics from each short-haul program.
  • Forward recommendations from the Working Teams to IHOpS.

Guidance Documents

Short-Haul 2020 IAP Insert


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