Incident and Position Standards Committee

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Mission Statement:

The Incident and Position Standards Committee (IPSC) provides national leadership in the development of wildland fire incident management standards and incident position standards that all NWCG agencies utilize for national mobilization while maintaining a long term strategic perspective.

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  • Provide oversight and direction to ensure the consistent development, implementation and maintenance of incident management standards. These standards may include guidelines, procedures, processes, best practices, specifications, techniques, and methods.
  • Provide oversight and direction to ensure the consistent development, implementation and maintenance of incident position standards. These standards include incident position descriptions (duties and responsibilities) and position qualification requirements for training, experience, physical fitness, and position currency.
  • Coordinate with NIMSIC on wildland fire endorsements to NIMS NQS positions.
  • Establish, implement, maintain and communicate business processes and criteria to assist NWCG committees and subgroups in performing this work.
  • Collaborate with the NWCG committees, NWCG staff and other stakeholders to prioritize development and maintenance of incident management standards, incident position standards, publications, training materials, and other position performance support content.
  • Ensure position standards and requirements are consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • Coordinate implementation of incident position standards with the Incident Qualifications and Certification System (IQCS) and Incident Qualifications System (IQS) system managers.
  • Identify and address strategic opportunities for incident management and incident positions standards improvement, sustainability and efficiency.

Request for Change Form

Link to the Request for Change Form

Requests for adding a new NWCG position,changes to current position qualifications, or changes to operational policy must be submitted on a Request for Change Form (RFC) to the IPSC. IPSC roster is located on the left navigation bar.


Change requests will only be accepted from NWCG member agencies, Geographic Area Coordinating Groups (GACG's), GATRs, NMAC, NWCG committees, and the NWCG Training Development Program.

All change requests must come through an IPSC member. The IPSC member will ensure the change request is interagency in scope and meets an identified need prior to submitting the request to the entire committee.

Change requests will typically be addressed at the next scheduled IPSC meeting.  Some decisions require coordination with other NWCG committees/groups. IPSC may request a presentation at their next scheduled meeting if more information or discussion is warranted.

Once a decision has been reached, the committee will inform the requestor of the decision and document the decision on the RFC form.


  1. Requesting Change: Check one or more boxes, indicate who is requesting the change. For GACG, State or Committee, indicate which one.
  2. Contact Information: Please provide the name, agency, home unit, telephone number, and email address of the person initiating the request so the committee may make contact for additional information, if necessary.
  3. Description of the Proposal: Briefly describe the proposed change in sufficient detail that the committee can understand. If you have additional information to support the proposal, attach it with the request.
  4. Description of the Issue: Describe the issue the proposal is intended to address or reason for the change. Provide background of how the issue arose.
    • Why is the change being requested?
    • What problem is it expected to solve?
    • What are the expected outcomes?
    • Is the change safety related?
    • Any cost savings?
  5. Systems Affected by the Change: What ICS function, operations, information technology, etc. does the requested change address?
  6. Is there a Training Component Related to this Request? Briefly describe the proposed change to a training component in sufficient detail so that the committee can understand it.

picture of firefighter walking through smokey forestTraining and Qualifications

Incident Qualifications and Certification System (IQCS)

Incident Qualification System (IQS)

FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI)

National Wildland Fire Training

NWCG Position Taskbooks

Agency Specific Position Taskbooks





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