Interagency Airspace Subcommittee

The Interagency Airspace Subcommittee (IASC) provides national leadership in airspace coordination issues for the NWCG member agencies. The IASC promotes and enables safe, effective, and standardized flight missions within the National Airspace System (NAS). Primary objectives include:

  • Develop and disseminate materials that contribute to clear and mutual understanding of airspace use and related issues.
  • Provide aviation managers tools and capabilities to enhance aircraft coordination within the national airspace.
  • Promote safe, consistent, and standardized approaches to addressing airspace and land management responsibilities on and above lands managed by the member agencies.
  • Identify airspace management and coordination responsibilities among entities sharing the national airspace.
  • Coordinate with the NWCG member agencies and with the United States military, participating states and local agencies, and the Federal Aviation Administration.


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Field Review of NWCG Standards for Airspace Coordination, PMS 520

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