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Mission Statement

The Interagency Aviation Training Subcommittee (IATS) provides national leadership to establish and disseminate interagency aviation training standards for natural resource agency personnel in support of safe, effective, and efficient use of aviation resources.

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  • Establish minimum training, skills, knowledge, and currency requirements for agency personnel who work with aircraft or have aviation duties, including managers and supervisors, in order to accomplish fire and resource (non-fire) missions.
  • Provide a forum for interagency coordination in the development and implementation of aviation education, training, and qualification standards.
  • Recommend standards and guidelines for non-fire aviation training in relation to the Interagency Aviation Training (IAT) Education, Qualification, and Currency System.
  • Establish and maintain best practices in education and training methods and techniques. These include: direct instruction, web-based distance learning, and the media and technology necessary to support both. 
  • Establish and maintain minimum interagency standards for aviation qualification, certification, and documentation.
  • Establish qualifications and currency standards for interagency aviation trainers (IATs).

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Change IAT website to automatically (every 2 years) force the student to update their profile including training plans and unit prior to signing up for a course.   This forces the student to ensure that their profile is correct.  If not updated within two years the student would be moved to unassigned unit.



Title Change - The A-112 SME  group would like to change the title of the course from " Mission Planning and Flight request Process " to "Aviation Projects & Mission Planning ".  


Required position to take this course -  Current required: Dispatcher, Flight followers, Aviation Mangers, Fixed-wing managers (Both - non special use and Special use), Helicopter managers (both flight DOI and resource), Project Aviation Manager, 

Change: Remove Dispatcher and Aviation Managers requirement for taking course.

Concurrence for removal of A112 from Aviation Dispatcher Training plan. The Aviation Manager training plan will still require A112.


Ability to limit sign up for virtual classes to local unit only, or provide mechanism/tools for lead instructor/course coordinator to vet student enrollment (by having student unit information shown on the roster, for example). 


Prioritize students in some way for IAT webinars, to put students in A courses thar are required for duties assigned and for selected training plans.

It's recognized that there is a need for increased course offerings. However, OAS training staff can not accommodate due to staffing. There  is a need for more Fully qualified Instructors, OAS training specialist also do instructor evaluations and are available to do that to build instructor pools in agency/bureaus.  
Webinar Course registration time "opening" was changed to 1200 MST to allow for western states the same opportunity to sign up for classes as those on the East Coast.


Match the IAT Guide with available IAT training plans and identify the BLM accepted training plan(s) in the IAT Guide. Simply adding the All Hazards/Resource Helicopter Manager Task Book as a requirement to the Helicopter Masnager Resource position for BLM. The guide does do not address all the Helicopter training plans/positons: Helicopter Flight Manager, Helicopter Flight manager (DOI), Helicopter Manager-Resource, Helicopter Manager Resource W/Task Book (A course path) and Helicopter Manager W/Taskbook S path.
Additionally, remove the RT372 language from the Helicopter Manager Resource W/Task Book (A course path) as this is S path language and not part of the A course path road to retaining currency. To maintain currency, a Resourse Helicopter Manager must complete the following IAT classes every three years: A-100, A-110, A-200, A-302, A-303, A-307, A-309, and A-310

Rational: RFC 22-06 was not approved. The BLM can make adjustments to their  Resource helicopter manager training plan directly with IAT webmaster and does not need to be voted on by the IATS membership.


Allow the UATA to click on a requesting personnel's name on the personnel page to allow the UATA to view their profile, selected training plans and IAT transcript.  

Rational: RFC 22-07 was not approved because the iat system already has an option for the UATA to view new user's profile prior to approval or denial. 

22-08ConcurAfter creating an "A-454 - Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Add-on" course offering, allow for Instructors to identify the specific course being conducted.  Include a drop down of the trainings currently be captured as an A-454 sUAS add-on course.  The trainings to be captured are:
A-454 - Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Add-on: Switchblade Elite
A-454 - Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Add-on: Mavic
A-454 - Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Add-on: M600
A-454 - Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Add-on: Alta X
A-454 - Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Add-on: Interagency ELOS/BVLOS Guidance and Training
A-454 - Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Add-on: Aerial Ignition Workshop
A-454 - Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Add-on: Mapping Workshop
A-454 - Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Add-on: Non-standard Operating Procedures (NSOP)
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21-01ApprovedRemove A-107 Aviation Policy I Interagency Aviation Training course as a requirement for the following positions:
  • IAT: Aviation Dispatcher, Aviation Manager, Flight Follower, Helicopter Manager-Resource, Project Aviation Manager
  • NWCG 310-1 (2020) and FSFAQG (2019): Aircraft Timekeeper (ATIM) and Ramp Manager (RAMP)
  • FWFQS (2021): Aerial Observer (AOBS) per NPS and USFS Only
  • DOI OEM-IPQG (2021): All-Hazards Helicopter Manager (HEAM)
Note: The above Policy training documents are fully spelled out below and in the “Systems Affected by Change”.
21-02ApprovedA-110 Aviation Transportation of Hazmat - Remove the (*if applicable)  from this course.
21-03ApprovedA-309 - Helicopter Flight Manuals course -  extend the course length by one hour.   Currently listed on IAT 2 hours - recommendation 3 hours. 
21-04ApprovedRegarding IAT Course online only A-110 Aviation Transportation of Hazardous Materials:  Proposing a change in requirement from 15/15 (100%) passing ratio/score on the Post-Course Learning Assessment to 12/15 (80%) passing ratio/score.
Tracking #StatusProposed Change
20-01ApprovedA-100 revision course length to 6 hours from current 5 hours.
20-02ApprovedAlter the IAT system to send employees, supervisors and their UATAs a proactive "training due" email when employee is close to expiring on a IAT course.
20-03ApprovedProvide a 3rd option for presenting A-200.
3) IAT Instructor requests annual approval to access A-200 through their profile and lead a discussion with the class via the on-line presentation to the class via DOI OAS Chief ASTPE or USDA-FS ATPM or RASM.

The IAT Guide currently states: 
Instructor Requirements:
1. Reference Part 3 (1) (B) of IAT Guide
2. Requests to offer Instructor-Led Presentation:
a. DOI content: Authorization by the DOI OAS Chief ASTPE:
1) For Bureau Aviation Safety Managers—Annually
2) For other DOI personnel—per course offering
b. USDA-FS content: Authorization from RASM or USDA-FS ATPM—Annually

20-04ApprovedThe course updating group decided:
  1. Combined the A104 and 204 class to form one course - course identifier A204 or IATs decides 
  2. New course will be taught on-line only 
  3. New course length will be one hour
  4. Title of new course - A-XXX  ( example - Manned XXXXXXXXXXXXXX) 

These are the initial changes requested from this group. The group will be updating the course based on proposed changes.   
After the course is closer to finalization the group will provide Objectives, recommended target audience (position in IAT Guide or OPM-4 appendix 1).

20-05ApprovedUnder Part 4 A220 course  Instructor requirements  Number 2 bullet point 

Change from - "or" to "and" 

20-06ApprovedOPM-4 Requirements for A-312 instructors (8.E):
-Add requirement that A-312 must be completed as a student in the 36 months prior to taking A-223.
-Add language that ensures the evaluation requirement is the last step in the process.
Proposed language:


  1. Meet criteria above in section 8(B)(1),(2)
  2. Successfully complete the A-312 course in the 36 months prior to taking the A-223 course.
  3. Hold a current Adult CPR, AED, and basic first aid certificate.
  4. Must complete A-223 Water Ditching and Survival Train-The-Trainer.
  5. Complete the Instructor Trainee Task Book.
  6. After completion of steps 1 through 5 above, must be evaluated instructing the A-312.

OPM-4 Section 8.F (3) and IAT Guide Part 3.F.3 

Remove the requirement for A-223 instructors to maintain basic water rescue or lifeguard certification.


OPM-4 Section 8.F (4) and IAT Guide Part 3.F.4

Regarding the requirement for A-223 instructors to attend a commercial water ditching facility, change the language from "required" to "recommended".


1. To have A-100 Basic Aviation Safety course as a prerequisite for the New A-204 course.

2. NOT APPROVED: Add Fixed Wing Flight Managers position to the target audience ( IAT Matrix position). 

20-10ApprovedAdd the role of designated evaluator to the IAT website.  Have the "search for designated evaluator" tab available from the UATA role similar or exactly like the "search for instructor role."  
20-11ApprovedAdd a search function to the "find instructors tab" that filters by agency.

Change to the A-207 Aircraft Flight Scheduling course -  Change: course title , Course (A) number, and (NOT APPROVED) Additional IAT positions required to take the course.  

1. APPROVED: The A-207 Subject Matter Expert (SME) group would like to change the title of the course from " Aircraft Flight Scheduling" to "Mission Scheduling and Coordination".   

2. NO CONCURRENCE: Number Change - The SME group request: Current A-207 course is a building block on the A-112 Mission Planning and Flight Request which would make sense to have the course number A-212. The current A-207 is NOT a building block for the A107 Policy and Regulation I course and the A-307 Policy and Regulations II. 

3. NOT APPROVED-Required IAT position(s) to take this course -  Current: Aviation Dispatcher; Flight Follower   In addition to the previous two IAT positions, we propose that the following IAT Positions also be required to take A-212 (A-207):  
Aviation Manager
Fixed-Wing Flight Manager and FWFM-Special use 
Helicopter Flight Manager (DOI)  
Helicopter Manager-Resource 
Project Aviation Manager


IAT online only course proposal for a name change from "A-103 FAA NOTAM System" to "A-103 Temporary Flight Restrictions and Advisory Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs)".

Tracking #StatusProposed Change
19-01ApprovedTheir are 15 or so Interagency UAO/FAO/UAM's in the Pacific Northwest. I'm sure there are more elsewhere as well. 
The concern is that you can currently only choose FS or DOI Aviation Manager and not both. If we were able to choose both, it would more closely track with the jobs we do (FS and DOI) and when we are reviewed, reports are looked at and this would show more closely reality as well. 
19-02Not ApprovedNWCG Standards for Aviation Transport of Hazardous Materials, Ch 1.8 pg 2,3.

A NOPIC must occur using the Hazardous Materials Manifest Form (Appendix 1) to include:...
NWCG Standards for Aviation Transport of Hazardous Materials 3 of 17
Notification standards:
7. Initial: a written NOPIC will be completed during the aircraft pre-use inspection.
8. Daily: load calculations or manifest documentation completed.
9. Verbal: external jettisonable load operations or HAZMAT changes during the mission cycle.
The NOPIC will be given to the pilot before the first flight of the day. Thereafter, verbal notification of changes in hazardous materials is acceptable for ongoing missions.
For external jettisonable load operations, verbal notification of the type and quantity of hazardous materials is acceptable.
19-03ApprovedRequire the IAT position training requirements of Fixed Wing Flight Manager Special Use (FWFM-SU) AND Helicopter Manager Resource be consistent within these two IAT positions as managers. Additional proposed courses and currency requirements for the FWFM-SU position, are shown in the attached matrix.
19-04Not ApprovedAdd online fire shelter training to IAT courses.
19-05Not ApprovedCombine M3 and A-314 into one master class taking the best from each of these very similar courses.
19-05bNot ApprovedProvide IAT instructors the teaching materials of a PowerPoint, an instructor guide and an student guide for presenting a combined A-314 and M-3. These materials will be hosted on the IAT web-site as a separate class. 
This will not replace M-3 or A-314 but provide an option for interagency units to get multiple agencies talking about aviation safety and leadership instead of one agency at a time.
Instructor and Student Guide will need to be created.
19-06Not ApprovedA-203 Basic Airspace to be required for Flight Follower training plan.
19-07ApprovedIntegrate A-116 (General Awareness Security Training) within the A-100 Course. 
Course Description:  This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to DOI and USFS departmental aviation security requirements.
19-08Not ApprovedAdd a "Passenger" Category to the IAT Aviation Training Positions.  Training would consist of a one time A-100 taken either on-line or in person.  IAT would serve strictly as a record system, no statistics would be calculated or included in unit compliance report.
19-09ApprovedOAS TD, in collaboration with the IATS, develop an expanded Crew Resource Management (CRM) course to provide more in-depth training than is currently available in the current A-310 (Introduction to CRM). Development of this expanded CRM training should consider the USFS's CRM 7 skills (N9059) and 7 skills refresher (RT9059F). Desirably this course would be available in both on-line and webinar/classroom modes. Which positions that would require this training will be determined by OAS/IATS or by the individual bureau.
19-10PendingOAS TD, in collaboration with the IATS, develop a training course to address what DOI/USFS passengers need to understand (and comply with) to transport hazardous material (HAZMAT) by air when such transportation does not fall under Department of Transportation, Special Permit (DOT-SP) 9198.
Desirably this training would be available on-line and in webinar/classroom modes.  Positions that would require this training will be determined by OAS/IATS and by the individual bureau.
Tracking #StatusProposed Change
18-01Not ApprovedTo better match title of courses to actual contents and avoid confusion, I suggest we change: A-104 title from "Overview of Aircraft Capabilities and Limitations" to "Overview of Aircraft Categories and Capabilities", and A-204 title from "Aircraft Capabilities and Limitations" to "Aircraft Aerodynamics, Performance and Limitations."
Course descriptions would change accordingly.
Consider combining the two courses at next revision date.
18-02ApprovedSuggest to create and make available the course A-455 Overview of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Operations.  There is a large interest in UAS within the bureau.  Would like an avenue to educate employees on UAS and capabilities interagency wide.
18-03ApprovedModify the instructor criteria for the A-309 Helicopter Flight Manuals course to include OAS Trainers and Currently Qualified Resource and Fire Helicopter Managers. Currently the only positions/titles recognized as instructors are HIP and HOS.
Add additional language to define the Course Purpose in the front matter of course materials. This will meet the current Instructor Guide template used for A Course revisions and help to define the target audience.
18-04ApprovedA-225 Course Length to 2 Hours from the current 1.5 Hrs. Removal of Student Guide, as the objectives covered can be done via course presentation of objectives and updates to IAT website for instructors via live review online.
18-05aNot Approved

A-208 is currently required once for the Interagency aviation training position of "Aviation Manager".  The class is listed in the IAT Guide as "2 hours".

  1. Propose adding the course to the position requirement of Aviation Dispatcher.  One time only.
  2. Propose increasing the length of the course from 2 hours to 3 hours.
18-05bNot Approved

A-208 is currently required once for the Interagency aviation training position of "Aviation Manager".  The class is listed in the IAT Guide as "2 hours".

  1. Propose adding the course to the position requirement of Aviation Dispatcher.  One time only.
  2. Propose increasing the length of the course from 2 hours to 3 hours.
18-06Not ApprovedGrant IAT Instructors NWCG S- to A- course equivalence.  If an instructor has NWCG quals to instruct an S- course, then they should be given IAT quals to instruct the A-course equivalent courses as found in the "One Way S-Course (NWCG) to A-Course(s) IAT Equivalency Matrix".
18-07ApprovedAllow UATA's to update a very limited subset of fields in profiles (eg, supervisor). 
18-08ApprovedAllow appropriate IAT positions (UATA, etc) to search compliance by course.
18-09ApprovedA-208 is currently required once for the Interagency aviation training position of "Aviation Manager".  The class is listed in the IAT Guide as "2 hours".
  1. Propose increasing the length of the course from 2 hours to 3 hours.
18-10ApprovedRemoval of the outdated Field Reference Guide for Aviation Users (2014) from the DOI OAS Library and other websites.
18-11ApprovedIABS is requesting that the Fixed Wing Parking Tender Training on-line module that is in IAT, be assigned a formal A number.


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