Interagency Aviation Training Subcommittee

The Interagency Aviation Training Subcommittee (IATS) provides national leadership to establish and disseminate interagency aviation training standards for natural resource agency personnel in support of safe, effective, and efficient use of aviation resources. Primary objectives include:

  • Establish minimum training, skills, knowledge, and currency requirements for agency personnel who work with aircraft or have aviation duties, including managers and supervisors, in order to accomplish fire and resource (non-fire) missions.
  • Provide a forum for interagency coordination in the development and implementation of aviation education, training, and qualification standards.
  • Recommend standards and guidelines for non-fire aviation training in relation to the Interagency Aviation Training (IAT) Education, Qualification, and Currency System.
  • Establish and maintain best practices in education and training methods and techniques. These include: direct instruction, web-based distance learning, and the media and technology necessary to support both. 
  • Establish and maintain minimum interagency standards for aviation qualification, certification, and documentation.
  • Establish qualifications and currency standards for interagency aviation trainers (IATs).
Kirk Rothwell
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