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Interagency Cooperator Aircraft and Pilot Standards Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The Interagency Cooperator Aircraft and Pilot Standards Subcommittee (ICAPSS) provides national leadership in all areas of interagency cooperator aircraft and pilot standards. ICAPSS develops standards for firefighting aircraft, pilots, mechanics, aerial firefighting operations and related aviation support equipment across all Federal, State and Local cooperators that operate on federal lands.

The standards include but are not limited to, aircraft airworthiness and maintenance, avionics, performance; pilot and mechanic qualifications and evaluation and aerial firefighting operations. Aircraft include helicopters, airtankers, light fixed-wing and unmanned aircraft systems.

Primary Objectives

  • Serve NIAC as a group of firefighting aircraft pilots, mechanics and operations subject matter experts.
  • Develop standards that facilitate the utilization and mobilization of available federal, state andlocal government firefighting aircraft to maintain an effective national interagency response to wildland fire.
  • Identify cooperator aircraft and pilot standardization issues, develop solutions, and recommend corrective actions to the National Interagency Aviation Committee (NIAC).
  • Develop an NWCG recommended Interagency Cooperator Aircraft and Pilot Standards Guide.
  • Serve as a central source of cooperator standards information, guidance, and support for al lparticipating federal, state and local agencies.


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